For 25 years, Half-Life has been free and better than ever

Half life party for 25 years. An anniversary as famous as Valve made it, here it offers a great daily deal on FPS culture and you can get it for free.

November 19, 1998, Valve release. Half lifeI am all premier, who allait become cultured, and who continue all of the passions today (on rêve tous d’un Half-Life 3). Between the setting, the gameplay, the narrative or the story, there are charismatic heroes, the FPS to a large extent. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Valve proposed a great anniversary sale and an offer that allows you to add to the collection without paying a fee.

« Recent years have attracted the attention of other young people in our catalog, this important stage is the ideal opportunity to enhance the experience and encourage new ways of playing. “Valve explained in a statement published on November 17. Attention, Half life Free on Monday, November 20 at 7 p.m..

Other episodes of the saga are promoted. For example, Half life 2 They are €0.97 (-90%) so that Half-life: AlyxThe incredible work in virtual reality costs €20.05 (-66%).

Half-Life // Source: ValveHalf-Life // Source: Valve
Half life. // Source: Valve

Half life If you have a good souvenir of 25 years

The developers at Valve have never been seen in the world with this big anniversary set, which is why the patch note is very long. Additional graphical improvements are added (corrected for lights, better physical behavior of grenades) and compatibility with Steam Deck is completely forgotten. The timing may be better as the company is about to launch the OLED version of its portable console. Half life If you are also happy with handcuffs, here is proof that it is a pleasure to modernize Valve.

Du côté du content, Half life Recover the same four unreleased cards for multiplayer. « On the other hand, I have restored certain things that I chose for the most nostalgic, such as the original art of the main menu and certain prototypes of the alpha versions of the new one. », if you meet with Valve again. There is also a short documentary currently available on YouTube to play on certain files.

Return to your first plan Half life This is a big success for Steam. According to the SteamCharts female database, you will notice traffic here at the same time, so the highest number of female players online at the same time quadruples between October and November. These days, the title with a photo of more than 33,000 people undoubtedly captivated by nostalgia. Briefly, Valve a eu la très bonne idée de ne pas oublier l’un des anniversaires les most importants de son histoire.

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