For Antonio Mohamed it would be “a dream” to be able to direct Mexico


Anthony Mohamedan experienced technical director in Mexican soccer, declared that he is “proud” that some media and specialists place him within the list of candidates to direct the selMexican section. Well, although he admits that he has not had any formal approach from the Mexican Soccer Federationshared that “it would be a dream” to be able to lead El Tri facing the World Cup 2026.

It is a pride to be a candidate for Mexico: Mohamed

“First of all, It is a pride to be a candidate for Mexico. Is a dream for me to be able to direct the Mexican National Team”, declared the former Atlético Mineiro strategist for ESPN. Along with highlighting the affection he has for the country where he has lived for 30 of his 52 years of age. Hoping that his achievements and credentials in the MX League They could grant him to be considered with DT del Tri.

“You have to see what profile the federation is looking for as a coach; for what they are saying They want someone who knows the Mexican environment, who has worked in Mexico. If that’s the case and it’s like they’re saying that I can appear on some tentative list, it fills me with pride. You just have to wait for what will happen; but all the candidates they name have merits to be able to do the job and I think everyone would love it.”

In the opinion of Turkish Mohamedthe hopes of Mexico to play a dignified role in the 2026 World Cup lies in focusing: “in make a young base that in three years he will have his best moment. Also knowing how to select players that meet the characteristics that one wants; it would be more than nothing work with those who already have experience and with those young people who arrive in his prime. I think that would be the best plan.”

In the same way, the former Champion with the Águilas del América maintained that, since he did not have Concacaf Qualifiers facing the World Cup, the Mexican team should concentrate on trying to play in the Copa América or some tournament that has a similar requirement so that its players can be blanked.

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