For fear of extortion, the Motagua players loaned to Honduras Progreso return; what will happen to them?


crime in Honduras It continues to frustrate plans in the soccer field, because on this occasion, they took three players to a meeting who, a few days after moving to another sector of the country, began to be frightened, causing an ephemeral return home.

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The victims were the footballers Fabricio Galindo (central defense), Juan Ramon Gomez (flyer) and Jason Sanchez (containment), all elements whose token belongs to the motaguaan institution that had loaned them to Honduras Progreso for the Clausura 2023 tournament, which begins on January 21.

These guys, the first two 22 years old and the other 24, moved to Perla del Ulúa in the last week of December to join the pre-season work of the rice group, where they were seen quite compromised under the guidelines from the Colombian coach John Jairo Lopez.

Unfortunately, TEN He learned that days after his arrival in El Progreso, the boys from Tegucigalpa received an audio via Whatsapp where they were being extorted.

Given this, they did not hesitate to pack their bags again and on Thursday, January 5, they headed back to their residences in the capital. Similarly, a complaint has already been filed about the dangerous situation.

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– The repercussions –

It should be remembered that these players have current contractual ties with Motagua, but the blue entity does not have them in their plans for the imminent tournament for which so far they have signed the Argentine Lucas Campana, Cristian “Pin” Gutiérrez and Kevin Álvarez.

The activity starts in two weeks, so at this time the sports director Emilio Izaguirre is working to see which team he places Galindo, gomez Y Sanchez. In the same way there is the option that the soccer players fulfill the remainder of their contracts carrying a secondary-tertiary role in the team led by Hernán “La Tota” Medina.

Fabricio, Juan Ramón and Jason were summoned to join the pre-season work of the Cyclone in Comayagua starting on Monday, January 9, that is, once the fifth day of the preliminary work for the Closing began.

In the same way, the loss of the blue footballers loaned to Honduras Progreso disrupts the signing of the midfielder Edwin maldonado to the Eagles, who enjoy their services in the preseason student.

maldonado was the axis of the barter that consisted in the transfers of Galindo, gomez Y Sanchez to the rivereños, since the containment midfielder has a six-month contract with the progreseños, which it was planned that he would consume playing on loan in the motagua to later sign him permanently.

“I don’t know what we’re going with Edwin about whether or not to return to the team, you have to find a solution, ”said the president of the Honduras Progress, Elias Nazara TENso that said operation is on a tightrope.

The rice chief also made a new registration official, in the case of Colombian containment Juan Mora. On the other hand, he ruled out the incorporation of coffee striker Miguel Medina since he is injured.

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