for sale for 450 euros and no arrival date in Spain

The new Galaxy Ring device is equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor the user’s health.

Samsung is upping the ante in the smart accessory business. The South Korean manufacturer has unveiled its latest product. Galaxy Ringa ring equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence designed to monitor the health and physical condition of users.

The Galaxy Ring marks the first launch of an entirely new device since Samsung introduced its foldable smartphone. Galaxy Fold five years ago. The announcement comes as the group seeks to retain its top spot as the world’s largest smartphone seller after Apple overtook it last year for the first time in more than a decade, according to research firm IDC.

The ring, designed to monitor health, is intended to accompany the user 24 hours a day, so it is lightweight (its weight does not exceed 3 grams) and has long-lasting battery that lasts up to seven days without having to remove it to recharge.

The device, made of titanium and waterproof, is available in three colors: black, silver and gold. There are up to nine different sizes to suit the hands of men and women. Samsung emphasized that this is the first device to be produced in such a large number of different sizes. The device also comes with a charging case that resembles a ring box.

Device strategy wearable Samsung is all about personal health and well-being. The ring is powered by Samsung’s latest AI technology and uses an algorithm specially trained to understand and analyze your sleep patterns. The device tracks metrics such as heart rate and breathing rate, as well as sleep time, movement, and skin surface temperature.

The ring also allows the user to control some of the phone’s functions, such as turning on the camera or turning off the alarm. To do this, simply pinch your fingers together – a feature that is already present in your Galaxy Watch.

Price and availability

Samsung’s new ring doesn’t have a firm launch date in Spain yet, but they’ve already warned that it won’t be one of the first countries to launch it. As for the price, 450 euros.

More wearables

In addition to new foldable phones and a ring, Samsung used its Paris event to announce new headphones and a new smartwatch.

Samsung’s new watch king Galaxy Watch Ultradesigned to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s a device with advanced health monitoring features and additional fitness capabilities, all with a design-led design. in terms of durability and resistancewithout giving up comfort.

In particular, it has a grade 4 titanium structure and 10 ATM water resistance. In addition, Galaxy Watch Ultra Smartwatch Works at a Wider Range of Altitudesfrom 500 meters below sea level to 9,000 meters above sea level to track advanced fitness activities such as sea swimming or extreme cycling.

It will be available from July 24th at a price of 699 euros.

Another interesting new feature is the earphones. Samsung is abandoning the button-based design it has championed so far and is adding Airpods-style earphones to provide a better grip.

In addition, the new Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro They have AI capabilities and can activate Interpreter and Listen modes, allowing you to, for example, instantly translate a lesson by ear. The Galaxy Buds3 series microphones analyze internal and external sound in real time to improve sound quality and provide active noise cancellation (ANC) with Adaptive EQ and Adaptive ANC. And when listening to music, the wireless earbuds Galaxy Buds3 Pro They will constantly detect and identify environmental sounds and automatically adjust the optimal noise and sound levels.

They will be on sale from July 24th at a price of €249 for the Galaxy Buds Pro 3 and €179 for the Galaxy Buds 3.

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