For Salma Hayek, Linda Evangelista is not her rival: the Mexican did a noble deed that the model and mother of the youngest son of François-Henri Pinault will never forget. people | Entertainment

Salma Hayek has conclusively demonstrated that Linda Evangelista is no rival. The Oscar-nominated talented actress had a cordial relationship with the model, who is the mother of Salma’s current husband Francois-Henri Pinault’s son.

Linda Evangelista, unrecognizable after beauty treatments

The model decided to share an important moment in her relationship with the Mexican, who is her son’s stepmother.

Evangelista and Henri Pinault had a brief relationship between 2005 and 2006 and that romance resulted in the birth of the French businessman’s son.

Shortly after, the billionaire began a relationship with Salma, and their daughter, Valentina Paloma, was born the following year. François and Salma celebrated their wedding in a romantic ceremony in Italy.

What did Salma Hayek do for Linda Evangelista?

The supermodel of the 90s is one of the protagonists of the cover of Vogue magazine, and in that edition she decided to share on Thanksgiving Day the kind gesture that the “Frida” actress did for her when she was sick.

“I’m tired of hiding,” says Linda Evangelista after a cosmetic procedure that froze her body fat.

“I was sick on Thanksgiving Day and Salma got on a plane with her daughter, came over here and made Thanksgiving dinner so I could be there,” said the 58-year-old Canadian top model.

He said that Salma also asked him what he wanted for dinner and she cooked a sumptuous dinner all by herself.

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“She asked me what I wanted, her wish list was very detailed. I wanted their Mexican Chicken with Truffled Potatoes. He spent the whole day in the kitchen and cooked food by himself without any help. At last the children helped him. They made a feast, a beautiful, beautiful meal,” Evangelista revealed.

She also mentioned that when she opposed Salma’s plans, there was no way for her to change her mind.

“I can’t hide and be ashamed”: This is how Linda Evangelista looks in her triumphant return to modeling after a six-year absence due to unsuccessful cosmetic retouching

“When I told her I wouldn’t be doing Thanksgiving dinner because I wasn’t feeling well, she said, ‘Oh, of course you will, I’m coming.’ And poof, in one second she was here, she revealed in a statement to the popular fashion magazine.

In that spirit, Salma shows a generous heart by providing support and understanding to Linda during her difficult times. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of maintaining cordial relations with the mother of her husband’s youngest son. (And)

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