For the first time Lupita Jones, Ximena Navarrete and Andrea Meza were together

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This weekend the final of Mexican Universal 2022beauty pageant created by Lupita Jones, which aims to highlight the culture of Mexico. Lupita Jones, Ximena Navarrete and Andrea Meza They accompanied the 32 contestants, and for the first time they could be seen together.

Happy and proud to be Mexican, former beauty queens they paid, through their clothing, a tribute to the national flag. Thus, Lupita Jones could be seen wearing a white dress, andrea meza one red and Ximena Navarrete wore the splendor of green.

There is no doubt that the former miss Universe Originally from Mexico, they are a benchmark of elegance and style for several generations and now with their reunion they remind us of the potential and beauty of Latin women.

The final of the beauty pageant was held in San Luis Potosi, was driven by Andrea Meza and Ximena Navarrete, and in the organization was also Lupita Jones. The winner of the night was Irma Miranda Valenzuela from Sonora and she will be the representative of Mexico in the Miss Universe contest, as Jones, Navarrete and Meza were at some point.

This was the meeting between Lupita Jones, Ximena Navarrete and Andrea Meza:

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