For this reason Kate Walsh left Grey’s Anatomy in 2007 being hated by the cast

Grey’s Anatomy has been a breeding ground for conflicts since its inception. But there was one in particular that not much was known about but that affected the renowned interpreter of Addison Montgomery, Kate Walsh.

Grey’s Anatomy he is a true legend. Not only for its longevity on the screen of ABC or the successes it has achieved in terms of audience, but also because of the harsh conflicts that its stars have faced on and off the set.

Grey’s Anatomy has been a ratings success for 19 seasons

It is well known that several of its main actors left Grey’s Anatomy having fallen out with either a co-star or with the show’s own production known for having been a true military regime at the beginning of the series in which not only was there no room for mistakes, but also required long hours of work for the 24 to 26 episodes it presented in a season.

One of the most famous fights that took place on the Grey’s Anatomy film set was the one between Isaiah Washington Y TR Knight, who played doctors Preston Burke and George O’Malley in the medical drama. Washington was a consummate homophobe who constantly attacked his partner despite the fact that in fiction they were his best friends.

But a conflict that almost nothing was known about was the one between the main actors of the first three seasons of the program, including Ellen Pompeo with the production of Grey’s Anatomy. This battle had the famous actress at the center of the controversy kate walshwho played Addison Montgomery on the show.

According to Kate Walsh, at one point in her participation in the series, specifically when she was preparing to leave Grey’s Anatomy and go to star in the show’s first spin-off, she received unkind treatment from the main cast for having been chosen. as the main star of Private Practice.

Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) reportedly said the production should have asked her opinion first before considering Kate Walsh to star in the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. because she was the protagonist of the medical drama, a rather misplaced attitude that the rest of the cast also adopted.

Kate Walsh was hated by the cast of Grey’s Anatomy for getting her own spin-off of the series

According to a source, after Ellen Pompeo’s pronouncement, the rest of the Grey’s Anatomy cast instantly seemed to resent Kate Walsh. Each one thought that she would be the chosen one to have her own program, but the one who benefited was the renowned actress.

The series he starred in after Grey’s Anatomy, Private practice, was very successful and lasted for six seasons. It seems that over time everyone forgot her resentment towards Kate because the actress has returned to the medical drama several times and even Ellen Pompeo seems happy with it.

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