Forays – Loisirs – Monica Bellucci, on the poster of the film “Parisian Paradise”: “La mort donne une joie de vivre”

This is the most ambitious film project of 2024. Avec Paradise ParisMarjane Satrapi signs a film in which the fates of the characters are s’entremêlent de façon inattentive, en lien avec la mort. Pour this story to the fool, the casting is royal: Rossi de Palma, Andre Dussollier, Eduardo Noriega, Alex Lutz… and Monica Bellucci, in the role of a former opera star, is declared mortal. When the film arrived at the hall, from Mercredi, the actress was confident in this project and accompanied the realist.

Marjane Satrapi, comment that this is the location of the fair of the film, in which the story of the pluses of fate is based on the theme, in the event of death?

RS: A description of life with fantasy, aesthetics and extraordinary great interest. It seems that if a story does not go beyond this ampleur, it does not go beyond the peine d’être racontée. L’idée de la mort me hante depuis l’enfance with the political events of the years 1970-1980 in Iran. After this, I see with constant anxiety that at the moment of the morning matins a surprise awaits me: an encore on Friday. This day is the day of profit, and I have seen profits, it seems they have gone and they have not come yet.

And because I return again to a friend or to something I love, I think today will be for the last days. It was a voluntary screening of the film in Paris. Cela fait trente ans que j’y vis et j’adore this ville cosmopolitan, unique in dans le sens où l’on côtoie des gens de différentes Social Classes issus de toutes les origines. The story I tell is based on real events. The bathroom is a touch of fantasy.

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