forbidden tattoo | These are the risks of tattooing on sure components of the physique

He tattoo increase Happened within the late 90s. Till then what was seen with evil eyes grew to become true The revolution of ink on pores and skin. The democratization of ‘tattoo’ has led folks looking for originality or uniqueness to hint this system on completely different components of their our bodies.

nevertheless, there’s Areas the place tattooing is extraordinarily harmful Because they will trigger severe well being issues. Therefore, you will need to know what the dangers are to sure areas of the physique from ink.


Sight is considered one of our foremost senses, giving us context in regards to the world and our tattoos eyes, This will not be a good suggestion. severe well being issues that may trigger an infection, partial or everlasting injury within the eyes, lack of lube… can be produced irritation, swelling, transmission of illnesses… however, little doubt, its penalties are the worst blindness


ought to be Avoid getting tattooed in mole areasor over them, as a result of the tattoo ink makes it inconceivable to see whether or not or not these are regular, or an indication which will melanoma, This is defined by Dr. Natalia Jiménez Gómez, from the Dermatology Service of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, in an interview with Infosys.


On the opposite hand, dermatologists say there’s a sure worry surrounding tattoos. within the decrease again, the place the epidural is positioned Because the piercing on the tattoo website may cause pigment particles emigrate inward and attain the spinal twine.

Of course, specialists level out that there’s a manner for this to occur, and that’s avoiding direct puncture, make an incision with very small scalpelDue to which the ink space might be launched, which can stop the ink particles from going into the marrow.


One of the fashionable locations to get tattooed contained in the mouth, As worn by Miley Cyrus. Why is that this a nasty thought? as a result of since that is an space It is at all times moist and involved with the enamelIt may be very straightforward to turn into from consuming and consuming contaminated.

painful space

Some components of the physique are very painful when getting a tattoo and their restoration is normally very painful: Genitals, cranium, ribs… By considering rigorously about the place to put the tattoo, we will keep away from quite a lot of hassle.

Care is essential after tattooing

alarm bells rang final 12 months tattoos and the way they will endanger well being, Warning of dangers arising within the immune system. However, the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) known as for calm.

“It is well known that, when tattooing, a large portion of the ink deposited in the skin begins naturally long and complicated journey, sometimes lasting several years, on macrophages and destined for the nodes and other organs of the lymphatic system”, he specifies.

“However, so far there is no evidence of the presence of these dyes in the lymph nodes cause any distortion despite the high concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PHAs) found there”, feedback AEDV.

on the likelihood that tattoos might develop extra most cancers threat, Emphasize that black ink”potentially carcinogenic” as a consequence of its excessive content material of fragrant hydrocarbons, however provides that “there is no data to show that it produces more cases of cancer or health problems in real life”.

On the opposite hand, he factors to Care can be crucial after tattooing. as a result of they will point out superficial pores and skin infections similar to impetigo, He then argues that every particular person’s difficulties might be discovered, similar to being allergic to tattoo ink, which normally happens in tattoos which are initially crimson, or just a sure colour.

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