Ford Ranger 2022: characteristics; motors; launch; I arrive

Ford finally removes the veil from new generation of Rangers, perhaps the most awaited because it also comes from a series of commercial successes that the Blue Oval is obtaining in the USA, where however, the leadership of the F-150 is in some danger. The pickups seem to like it smaller and then Ford brings out the Ranger, the ultimate global pickup, best ever.

The engineers wanted to create a truly 360 ° product that winks considerably at its big brother F-150 in its shapes, but that in its contents it was truly for everyone. For work, leisure and family. The exterior design is decidedbut the interiors are elegant, high-tech and welcoming. Depending on the market, the new Ranger offers a choice of well-proven and reliable petrol and diesel powertrains, including a Ford V6 turbodiesel and 10-speed automatic transmission.

Road tests and customer input were key to developing the new Ranger. Ford has spent a lot of time with owners around the world, conducting more than 5,000 interviews and dozens of customer workshops to understand how customers used their pickups and what they wanted and expected from the new Ranger.

New frame and new design

Aesthetically the design of the new Ford Ranger is definitely more “bad” sharing the lines with the other “trucks” of the Oval. It features a new C-design headlight grille and treatment at the front, while a subtle side rib incorporating the wider wheel arches contributes to the idea of ​​robustness and safety. For the first time, Ford Ranger delivers LED headlights Matrix. At the rear, the lights are designed in harmony with the design of the front. Inside, the passenger compartment is leveled up, using premium soft-touch materials it’s a vertical-style central touchscreen with connectivity and SYNC4 entertainment system.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022 Grille

Under the body there is a updated frame which offers a wheelbase longer than 50 mm and a 50mm wider track than the previous Ranger. A hydroformed front structure creates more space for the new V6 engine and helps future-proof the Ranger for other propulsion technologies. It also allows for greater airflow to the radiator which helps keep operating temperatures low when towing or carrying heavy loads.

Lateral dynamics Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022

New engines, the V6 arrives

Customers wanted a choice of more power and torque for towing heavy loads and extreme off-roading, so the team added the proven Ford’s 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel and adapted it for the Ranger. It is one of three turbodiesel engine options available at launch. in addition to the 2.0-liter single-turbo and bi-turbo inline four-cylinder engines. The Single-Turbo is available in two different performance levels and offers power, torque and fuel economy, the Bi-Turbo is a more sophisticated and performing variant.

Off-road vehicle Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022

The engineers also moved the front wheels forward by 50mm for a better angle of attack this coupled with the widened carriageway offers a better off-road attitude. The rear suspension shock absorbers have also been moved to the outside of the chassis rails to provide drivers and passengers with better comfort, regardless of whether you are carrying a heavy load or sports equipment.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Customers can also choose between two all-wheel drive systems: one with electronic insertion and a new “full time” one with fully electronic management of the torque between front and rear. Off-road recovery is facilitated by the double hooks that protrude from the front bumper.

State-of-the-art interiors

The heart of the Ranger connectivity experience is the large 10.1 or 12 touch screen” in the center console. It completes the fully digital instrument cluster and is supported by the SYNC4 with its voice-activated communication, entertainment and information systems. In addition, the built-in FordPass Connect modem as standard enables connectivity through the FordPass app for remote activation of certain functions.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022 interior

Many of the traditional driving mode controls they have been moved from the dashboard and center console from where the transmission, steering angle, lean and roll angles of the vehicle can also be monitored. The screen is also connected to a 360-degree camera useful for parking lots or when tackling particularly difficult terrain. Additionally, customers can control Ranger’s new exterior zone lighting system via the touchscreen or the FordPass app.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022 cab

Functional storage spaces. There aren’t just places where store the phone or charge it wirelessly, but also a large center console box. In addition, the door pockets are designed for them to be more capacious; the large dashboard hides an upper storage compartment and there are compartments under and behind the rear seats.

An ad hoc work environment

Also from the world of work the integrated side step behind the tires rear of the New Ranger to create stable access to the assonò. The 50mm pickup widening might not seem like much, but it makes a huge difference in the compartment. Further details, always in the loading area, concern the plastic body lining, extra sliding anchor points on guides. Durable and flexible covers around the sides of the body and on the tailgate conceal structural attachment points for roofs and other aftermarket accessories.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022 cargo bed divider

In addition, Ranger offers a new cargo management system designed with dividers to hold objects of various sizes Owners can also create smaller compartments for storing items that would otherwise have to go into the cabin, using a system of spring-loaded cleats that clip onto rails bolted to each side of the body.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022 - Body opening

The tailgate can also act as a Workbench mobile with built-in ruler and clamp pockets for measuring, grabbing and cutting building materials. Load compartment lighting is provided under the left and right rails and provides plenty of light for finishing jobs in low light conditions or for finding objects in the compartment at night.

Ford Ranger 2022 range

Comes in a year

For the launch of the new ranger it will be necessary to have a little patience: the start of sales is in fact scheduled for second half of 2022. More precisely, the countries of the Asia-Pacific area will have it starting from the summer, while in the EMEA area (Africa, Middle East and Europe), whose production is ensured by the South African plant in Silverton, near Pretoria, it will be available from ‘Autumn.

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