Foreign Ministry filed a request for a humanitarian visa for the family of a Colombian with cancer

Paula Durán and Sergio Vega settled in California, United States, in May 2022.

Paula Durán and Sergio Vega settled in California, United States, in May 2022.

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This weekend the case of the Vega Durán family, some Colombians who have resided in California, United States, since May 2022, and who ask for help so that their parents can obtain a humanitarian visa and travel to this country, was known. This request is made after Paula Durán was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

After hearing about the case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which it reported that, on direct instructions from Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán, they have been in permanent contact with Sergio Vega, who has received accompaniment from the Consular Affairs Directorate.

In addition, he assured that the Foreign Ministry had already filed with the United States Embassy in Colombia the request for a humanitarian visa for the relatives of Paula Durán. “We regret the situation they are experiencing and we will do everything possible so that Paula can be with her parents,” the entity concluded.

Paula was diagnosed with type 4 stomach and brain cancer in mid-2022, in the midst of pregnancy with her third child, Juan José. In the middle of the routine controls of this pregnancy, the doctors discovered Paula’s disease.

For this reason, Sergio said, in November 2022 Paula underwent an emergency caesarean section and Juan José was born prematurely, at 34 weeks. The next day, Paula had an operation to remove the brain tumor from her. However, the cancer was already at a very advanced stage and the doctors assured that she only had one more month to live.

Sergio explained that they tried to return with his wife, Paula, to Colombia. However, “she can no longer get on a plane because with the pressure of the altitude her brain would swell and she would be fatal.” Both are parents of Juan José, and two girls, 9 and 4 years old.

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