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Colombia has been in shock in recent hours with the story of Paula Durán, is a 27-year-old from Huila who migrated to California in 2022 and last November, while she was pregnant with her third child, she was diagnosed with stomach and brain cancer.

Her husband started a campaign on social networks a few days ago so that the The governments of Colombia and the United States will grant a humanitarian visa to the young woman’s family so that they could travel soon to the North American country to accompany them, since the doctors assure that their cancer metastasized, since it invaded other organs and is already incurable.

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According to her husband, Paula was given a month to live. “I need to have Paula’s parents here, I need to have my parents here. I just had a meeting with all the doctors and they gave me news that broke my soul, it tore my heart. It is the worst news I have received in life, medically here in the hospital they are not going to do anything else. They gave my wife a month to live,” the man said.

The case of this family has moved more than one through social networks, for which thousands of Internet users joined the call to the authorities of both countries to help Paula reunite with her relatives, since the young woman, Due to his delicate medical condition, he cannot travel to Colombia.

“They told us that we couldn’t fly, that if she did, with the pressure from the height her brain would swell and that could cause her a hernia and die,” explained Sergio.

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Foreign Ministry filed humanitarian visa application

Through an official statement, the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to EL TIEMPO that the application for a humanitarian visa for the relatives of Paula Durán has already been filed.

“The Ministry of Foreign Relations reports that, since it learned of the case of the Vega Durán family and on direct instructions from Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán, it has been in permanent contact with Mr. Sergio Vega, who has been provided with the necessary accompaniment. through the Directorate of Consular Affairs,” said the entity.

And he added: “Based on the humanitarian assistance provided in these cases, The Colombian Foreign Ministry has already filed with the United States Embassy in our country the request for a humanitarian visa for the relatives of Paula Andrea Durán“.

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Finally, the Foreign Ministry assured that it will continue to accompany Paula Andrea, Sergio and their entire family in whatever they need, “in accordance with the protocols for assistance to Colombians in vulnerable situations.”

“We regret the situation they are experiencing and we will do everything possible so that Paula can be with her parents,” the statement ended.

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