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migrants will be able to send resources to Mexico without commissions through the Remesas Paisano debit cardthanks to a new agreement issued between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and Telecommunications of Mexico (Telecomm-Telégrafos), which seeks better conditions for those who receive money in the country.

Through this card, people will be able to receive money in a matter of minutes.

Another fundamental aspect is the scope of the Telecomm branches. available for the withdrawal of said resources, since more than half of the available points are located in rural areas of the country.

After a meeting held this Monday at the Telegraph Museum in Mexico City between the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, and the director of Telecomm, Rocío Mejía Flores, the agreement was announced with which they will carry out a series of joint actions to facilitate the sending of remittances.

Telecomm explained that the maximum transfer amount in remittances is 7 thousand 499 dollarsno minimum amount or transfers are requested, and it explains to the beneficiaries the amount to be charged in pesos, as well as the exchange rate applied by the remittance company.

The realization of this card was possible with the help of the Mexican transactional technology company Broxeland the information necessary for people to remove the plastic from Telecomm will be known through the consular network of Mexico, and through the 45 Financial Advisory Windows in the United States, one in Canada and one in France.

The head of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME), Luis Gutiérrez, assured that “this great option from Telecomm will make it easier for our migrants to send their remittances efficiently, safely and reliablyin an electronic purse of classification N1, which the beneficiary will receive in the federal entity of Mexico where he resides.

Finally, Marcelo Ebrard expressed that it is an advantage that people no longer have to wait for their money in Mexico, also “it is a recognized card in many establishments, so It can be used for supplies, for the purchases that each family needs. This was not possible before, now it is going to be possible, it is a great job that facilitates and protects our people”.

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