Foreigners will be able to manage a work permit in the US online

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has given the green light for work permits to be processed immediately online for foreigners who entered the United States with a “parole”, admission permit and temporary stay in the country.

This group of non-citizen immigrants can now file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, online, a new measure that aims to reduce processing backlogs.

But, this new change does not benefit all immigrants who have applied for a permit parolewhich can be requested by foreign citizens inside or outside the US in a wide variety of circumstances.

The beneficiaries of the new changes in work permits in the US are those who process humanitarian parole or public benefit parole.

With this change, more and more immigrants are authorized to file an application for employment authorization (EAD) online, USCIS announced in a press release.

So far thousands of non-citizen immigrants with parole they waited several months before being able to obtain a card or Employment Authorization Document (EAD) due to backlogs, caused by COVID and the hiring freeze within Homeland Security.

some foreigners with parole have taken up to 10 months to receive a work authorization card.


Now most people who received a temporary stay permit in the US for urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons under INA 212(d)(5) are eligible to apply for employment authorization under category (c)(11). .

Over the years, this temporary admission permit or parole it has been used to bring in various groups of foreign nationals seeking long-term entry into the country, including Cuban nationals, Indochinese refugees, and Central American minors who do not qualify for refugee status, among others.

This group could benefit if their admission permits are for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.

The same applies to Venezuelan foreigners, who are increasingly requesting admission permits with parole.

With limited exceptions, this new order is effective immediately for all immigrants in category C 11, which includes all aliens with parole in the US for reasons of public interest or temporarily for emergency humanitarian reasons, according to a press release.

This category includes immigrants who, for humanitarian reasons, availed themselves of the parole for the family reunification of foreigners with Cuban and Haitian nationality, according to the instructions of Form I-765.

The Form I-765 instructions also state that if you obtained parole to enter the US after a credible fear of persecution or torture has been established under INA 235(b)(1)(A), is not eligible for an initial or renewal EAD under eligibility category (c)(11).

In the latter case, the immigrant with parole You must wait 365 calendar days from the date you successfully file and USCIS or the Immigration Court accepts the asylum application before you can apply for employment authorization under eligibility category (c)(8).

Thousands of immigrants ask for help to solve problems with the Citizenship and Immigration Service. courtneyk Getty Images

fee waiver

Both immigrants with parole for urgent humanitarian and public benefit reasons eligible for the fee waiver, such as those who obtained the parole through Operation Welcome Allies, they must submit Form I-765 by mail.

In its press release, USCIS indicates that it is committed to employing technology solutions and efficiencies to reduce processing times, whether applications are submitted by mail or electronically.

If aliens apply for employment authorization under an ineligible category, USCIS may deny the Form I-765 application and withhold the filing fee.

Steps to apply for a work permit

The first step in submitting the form to obtain a work permit card is to create a free USCIS account at, through which you can communicate securely about your application and immigration process with the service. of immigration.

In some categories, such as that related to people with parole, USCIS must first approve the Form I-765 before the applicant is eligible to accept employment in the US. Once approved, USCIS will issue the employment card.

To complete the form, you must type or print the eligibility category in Part 2 and item number 27 of Form I-765. A single category number must be entered into the application.

Must submit Form I-765 with a copy of Form I-94, passport, or other travel document showing entry with parole in the US for urgent humanitarian reasons or reasons of significant public benefit.

If you want to file an expedited application with USCIS, this is the fastest way to cut through long wait times.

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