Forensic Medicine and Anthropologists Evaluate Actions to Search for Disappeared by Fire in Matanzas

Legal Medicine specialists and anthropologists evaluate the actions for the search for the 14 disappeared persons recognized so far by the Cuban government, behind the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Baseaccording to island authorities.

“Together with Legal Medicine specialists from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, anthropologists and members of the Ministry of the Interior, we evaluated this Tuesday the strategy to be implemented once the flames subside at the Supertanker Base in Matanzas and these teams can begin to carry out their work,” the Minister of Health reported on Twitter. Jose Angel Portal Miranda.

In another message, the head of Health on the island added that “when the cooling work of the tanks is finished and the fire is extinguished, actions will be initiated in the area of ​​the incident, which require careful planning, since they require coordinated efforts from several specialists and authorities.

To date, of the disappeared persons it has only been possible to rescue and identify the remains of firefighter Juan Carlos Santana Garrido60 years old and a native of Cienfuegos, who died this Saturday after an explosion at the Supertanker Base and whose body had previously been recovered.

Portal Miranda was the one who revealed the identity of the Cuban this Sunday morning, after the staff of the Legal Medicine Room of the “Comandante Faustino Pérez” Surgical Clinical Hospital carried out the identification process.

Since Sunday the ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel assured that the search for the disappeared persons in the affected area would start after the fire was put out.

“To the extent that we can put out the fire, we will be able to start the search for the disappeared. When the fire is extinguished and the temperatures decrease, the search for the victims will begin,” the president assured Cuban official media after meeting him at the Hotel Velasco with relatives of the disappeared.

This Tuesday, Firefighters and rescuers managed to gain access to the damaged area. at the Supertanker Base after the smoke from the fire subsided.

“There is already a decrease in smoke in the area, although the fire continues. The area can be accessed, firefighters and personnel from the Mexican and Venezuelan brigades are working together to extinguish the remaining flames,” Radio 26 said on Facebook.

Accesses for heavy equipment, such as cranes and trucks to collect debris, are created in the area. Several pipes support the pumping of water.

“The fourth tank is observed without serious damage, everything seems to indicate that it survived the flames of the last night,” said the official report.

The Cuban government, in information provided this Monday in the official program La Mesa Redonda, reported that the tragedy has left as a balance so far of one dead, although he corrected the number of missing to 14 .

Until that moment, the island authorities had said that there were 16 people missing since last Saturday, but the first secretary of the Party in Matanzas, Susely Morfa, assured in that Round Table broadcast that two of the people reported missing appeared in hospitals.

Although this Monday information emerged about two other possible fatal victims of the catastrophe in Matanzas, the authorities have only officially declared firefighter Santana Garrido dead..

On the afternoon of this Monday, the death of a second firefighter, a native of the Santa Cruz del Norte municipality, in Mayabeque, was reported, according to journalist José Luis Guzmán Cuza, from the local radio station. The Voice of the Coast. The information was replicated on social networks by the official blogger Yuliesky Amador Echevarría, without any confirmation from the authorities so far.

Cuban authorities informed this Tuesday that 19 of the 125 injured people remain hospitalized in the tragedy unleashed since this last Friday.

Until 10:00 am this Tuesday, 125 people were treated, of which 19 are hospitalized and 106 patients were discharged, according to the most recent report from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).

Of the 19 injured -18 men and one woman who are still admitted to care centers in Matanzas and Havana-, five continue to be reported as critical; two, as serious, and 12, care.

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