Forensic medicine, Asl2 has a project ready to break down waiting lists –

112 thousand 500 euros for the management reorganization project of Forensic Medicine practices, thus breaking down waiting lists with some recruitments.

This is the figure allocated by the ASL2 of Savona. thanks to a reimbursement from Alisa for the expenses incurred for legal medical examinations in the three-year period 2015-2017, which decided to use it to affect the elimination of the waiting lists of the invalidity commission, of the provincial local medical commission (aimed at protecting the community through the renewal of driving licenses for people with pathologies) and of the claims management committee as well as a schedule for preparing the medico-legal reports in order to contain the activity on time.

The project was arranged by the Hygiene and Public Health complex structure (proposing structure) led by Virna Frumento and by the director of the Prevention Department Marco Lovesio, and human resources were given a mandate to recruit 3 units of temporary administrative staff to the period from 1st April to 31st March 2023 considering that 2 units are to be assigned to Hygiene and Public Health and one unit to General and Legal Affairs.

“The SARS Cov2 pandemic also led to further significant delays in the provision of services, creating, first of all, a very complex administrative and then medical backlog to be disposed of with traditional human resources and then a palpable social tension”, say the Department. of Prevention and the Hygiene and Public Health structure of ASL2 in the project.

The Project concerns the removal of the waiting list in order to be within the time limits established by law: 90 days for Invalid Commissions (from the date of the administrative request to the date of the definition of the practice); 120 days (out-of-court phase) from the date of investigation of the clinical case subject to the request for damages to the date of transfer of the dispute to the company Claims Management Committee (the coroner is a permanent member of the ASL2 Claims Management Committee); 90 days for the Provincial Local Medical Commission.

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