Forensic Sciences completes the autopsy report of Melissa Belén Falú

The Institute of Forensic Sciences completed yesterday, Wednesday, the autopsy report of Melissa Belen Faluwhose body was found at the end of June 2021 with a gunshot wound to the head in a residence in Loíza.

The cause of death of the 42-year-old woman is listed as “undetermined” after she was found dead on June 25 next to a firearm.

“The autopsy report and all the evidence that was evaluated was concluded. He referred to the Prosecutor’s Office.”said the director of the institution, Maria Conte Miller.

The official did not offer more details of the findings, since it is up to the Public Ministry to follow the “course of action” in this case.

The new day attempted to contact the Justice Department press spokeswoman, Joan Hernandez Marrero, to obtain a reaction from the Prosecutor’s Office, to know if the report will be disclosed or if charges will be filed. So far, no responses have been received.

The person who alerted the authorities about Falú Allende’s death was her ex-partner, identified as Miguel A. Rodriguez Nieves, and against whom he thought at the time of death an arrest warrant for gender violence. The woman had a protection order against Rodríguez Nieves, who also had charges of illegal appropriation of a check from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program (PUA, in English).

Sargeant Gabriel Lopezdirector of the Homicide Division of the Carolina area, said after the events that he understood that “they had reconciled.”

According to the agent, López went personally to the Piñones barracks to report on the woman’s death, “alleging that it was a suicide… He said he was doing some errands and when he returned, he found the lady dead.”

After the events, the Special Arrests Division processed the arrest warrant against Rodríguez Nieves in court. Unable to post bail, he was sent to prison. At the moment, it is unknown if he is still under investigation.


If you are a victim of gender-based violence or you notice that another person shows signs of abuse, you can seek help by contacting the Police Domestic Violence Division at 787-792-6734 or 787-782-1050, ext. 1018. You can also call the confidential line 787-343-2020 to report all kinds of crimes. The confidential line of the Women’s Ombudsman’s Office is 787-722-2977.

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