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By Andy Lans / @SportsAndy

Exclusively for Complete Swing he told everything:

“When I left Cuba, I caught classically with both knees up. Once in the Dominican Republic, they advised me to lower one knee and alternate them to rest. Usually, in Cuba they told me to swing up, but in the Dominican academy they insisted on a flat swing so that the ball would travel more. I began to work more on the connections to the center of the field, and also to other bands” says who began his career in baseball at the age of five in the Cárdenas yumurina.

“Leaving my family and the life I had in my country has been the biggest sacrifice since I took the plane to the Dominican Republic. You leave your soul in the tryouts, but nobody tells you if there is an offer for you. That is another of the insecurities that you face” adds Danell.

How did the catcher catch you?

-Once I was late for a game between children. Only the catcher position was available. Nobody wanted her. I was curious and wanted to play. I put on the harness, and to this day I have only dedicated myself to that function.

Any Cuban team?

-I joined the Cuba for children under 12 years old as the All-Star recipient of the national championship, but then they suspended the event that I would attend. In 2019, I qualified to play with Cuba Under 15 in a Pan American held in Mexico.

Tell me about your arrival at the Cocodrilos de Matanzas squad in the National Series.

-I was in the youth team when they asked me to train with Matanzas. They made it clear to me that it was only an invitation, to gain experience. However, as I pointed out in training, the invitation turned into an elimination with the rest of the teammates until I ended up among the 40 players that made up the Crocodiles’ roster.

»My first turn at bat in the National Series was in a subseries against the Santi Spíritus Roosters at the “Victoria de Girón” Stadium. Since we won by knockout, the management began to give young people an opportunity. I got into account of two balls without strikes, and they gave me the signal to hit. I took the ball to the safety zone. I almost hit my first home run.

Passing through the National Series impregnated Danell with greater responsibility as an athlete. Sharing with other players with more experience was a total learning experience. However, the few playing opportunities made him rethink his future. Figueroa polished the physical plane in the Dominican Republic, as well as the technical aspect of the game. His signing with the Rangers rekindles his dreams in the sport:

“My goals for 2023 are to improve as a professional, join my organization and learn more within it. At first I did not believe this firm, but I achieved it thanks to the support of my family and all the friends who advised me at a certain time.”

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