Former assistant accuses Amber Heard of stealing her abuse story and using it against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard.

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Once the judges in the legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ruled against the star of the film ‘Aquaman’, many witness statements that were presented at the trial have been taken up and strengthened in the last two days.

One of them is that of Kate Jamesa former personal worker of the actress, who in 2020 he accused her of having stolen his own story as a victim of sexual violencewhen the first defamation trial between the couple took place and in which Depp lost against The Sun newspaper, which called him a “beater of women”.

Back then, the former assistant presented some complaints against Heard for the alleged mistreatment of which she was a victim while working for heramong which he stated that he received a very low salary for more than a decade for occupations that involved everything from shopping and taking care of administration, to running errands and fixing his cars.

“He paid me $25 an hour to start and finally agreed after yelling insults at me that he would pay me $50,000 a year once I started working full time,” James said at the time.

However, during the second and most recent trial, Heard’s former employee revealed that she had been a victim of sexual abuse in Brazil when he was 20 years old and when reading the presentations of the actress, he noticed that she had taken her story to build accusations against the protagonist of ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’.

“To my utter shock and dismay, I found out that Mrs. Heard had stolen my conversation about sexual violence. This, of course, caused me extreme anguish and outrage,” Kate said.

“She had made it her own story to benefit herself. She dared to attempt to use the most harrowing experience of my life as her own narrative.”

Kate James

In addition, Kate James stressed that, although she had been called to testify, she was also doing so to set a precedent that one should not lie about being “a survivor of sexual violence and it is very serious to take that position if you are not.”

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