Former deputy Gladys Azcona and her son, detained in the FM Case

Until Thursday, March 10, 2022, Gladys Sofia Azcona de la Cruz He appeared without stains in his work stay for the State, since he entered the Social Plan of the Presidency, in 1996 and until the delivery of the position of deputy minister of laborin 2020.

Even the fashion designer and bioanalyst, native of Sabana Grande de Boyá, Monte Plata, received in 2019, a medal for Women’s Meritdelivered by former President Danilo Medina for his contributions to society.

But this Friday, the Specialized Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Attorney and other agencies involved her, along with her son and five other people, in the FM casecarried out in Santiago, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana against organized crime and money laundering.

The blood union between the two is embodied in the affidavit of the former official in the Chamber of Accounts. The Attorney General’s Office has not yet detailed what role the mother and son bonds played in the alleged money laundering network.

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Gladys Azcona while receiving the medal given to the most outstanding women. (EXTERNAL SOURCE.)

They have only revealed that the alleged ringleader is Juan Gabriel Perez Tejadawhose father, Juan Isidro Perez de la Rosa -former director of Immigration in Santiago- is also imprisoned. In addition, Pérez Tejada’s mother, Mrs. Juana Maria Tejada Franciscois a member of the Santiago Labor Prosecutor’s Office, according to the list of tax attorneys of the Attorney General’s Office.

The others involved are Anabel Altagracia Sánchez Santana, Rolando Miguel Reyes Javier and Dyna Madison Noguera Polanco.

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The passage of Azcona de la Cruz through the State

The last position in the Government of Azcona de la Cruz was Vice Minister for Vulnerable Sectors and Child Labor of the Ministry of Labor, granted through the decree 529-12.

Previously, in 1998, she won as a deputy of the National District, a position she repeated in 2006, as a representative of the Central American Parliament (talk) for him Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

The also graduated from the UASD (1996) held the position of ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Thank God, we won thanks to the education in values ​​that my parents gave me and that political education that the PLD school gave me. Thanks to that I have been able to stay afloat and become a better person,” says Azcona de la Cruz in a profile published by the newspaper El Caribe.

In the affidavit that rests in the Chamber of Accounts, he said he had a Daihatsu truck, 2005, valued at RD$725,000, a Land Cruiser SUV, 2015, worth RD$2.5 million, a house valued at just over RD$4 million, and 21 heads of cattle valued at RD$525,000.

However, he is currently facing a legal process in which the Public ministry He will request preventive detention and request that the case be declared complex.

In the raids led by 15 prosecutors, in coordination with the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) and the Office of Investigations of the Department of Homeland Security (HSI) of the United States, US$1,020,000, RD$760,000 and 50 euros. Also 13 vehicles, including one Ferrari brand and two Porsches.

The genesis of FM case It was a confiscation Port of Haina Oriental of US$4.3 million that the General Directorate of Customs found in two speakers coming from Brooklyn, New York.

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