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This is known about Ricardo Crespo’s ex-wife: the woman who denounced him

Since the case became public when the artist was arrested in Mexico in mid-February 2021, his ex-wife, María Angélica Rodríguez, has kept a low profile before the media.

To date, his Instagram account remains private and the interviews he has given have been very few.

According to data from People en Español and the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, she was a model.

He is of Colombian origin and currently lives in Mexico. According to reports in the Mexican press, Crespo met her when she was studying at Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education (CEA).

They got married and in 2002 they had their firstborn, Sebastiánwho apparently lives outside of Mexico due to his studies.

At the beginning of the marriage, the artist moved to his wife’s land where the two continued with their careers. However, they later returned to Mexico. In 2017 they divorced.

I totally ignore the reason why my ex-wife and presumably my daughter have denounced the inconceivable acts,” he said in a statement at the time.

“The only trial that has been aired in our relationship is the divorce, whose sentence dates from the year 2017 and within which, of the alleged facts that are now imputed to me, nothing said at the time“, he added.

Ex-wife of Ricardo Crespo rejects revenge against the actor

At the end of March 2021, María Angélica Rodríguez assured that the sexual abuse lawsuit against her daughter Valentina it did not arise as a revenge for the failed marriage that he had with Ricardo Creso.

At that time, she said that the only thing she wanted was for him to accept the crime he committed against the minor.

“The people who know me and know us, they know the truth and absolutely everything“, assured the Colombian in ‘Venga la alegría’, in one of the very few interviews she has given.

“At no time would I expose my children and myself on such a sensitive issue to take revenge for what or why. That doesn’t make sense.”

“It’s time for him to speak the truth, for his daughter,” he asked at the time.


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