Former tennis player has a fortune greater than Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and LeBron James

After it became known that Lionel Messi, Lebron James Y Cristiano Ronaldo they were the highest paid athletes of 2022something that It could be definitively modified with the contract that the Portuguese signed with Al-Nassr from Saudi Arabia. Although the three athletes have accumulated a significant amount of money over the years, all of them are surpassed by a former tennis player from the 60-70’s.

Is about Ion Tiriac, who was born in Romania in 1939 and retired from professional sports in 1979 after playing ice hockey and tennis. During his stage in high performance attended 1964 Winter Olympics (hockey), won doubles Roland Garros together with Ilie Nastase, in the Davis Cup he reached the final on several occasions and In singles, he reached the Wimbledon semifinals..

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Although he had a long career in the two disciplines in which he worked, his wealth does not basically consist of what he earned as an athlete, but in the businesses he later started and that deliver a personal fortune of $1.2 billion pounds sterling ($1.5 billion dollars)..

Taking into account that the most he earned as an athlete was after making the top four at Wimbledon, where he earned £200,000 (about $244,000), it is very striking that he has accumulated his fortune through Tiriac Group, a company that invests in fields such as real estate, financial services, among others; With information from SportBible.

According to Forbes magazine, The 83-year-old Romanian businessman became the country’s first billionaire in 2007 and is now worth more than Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James, despite currently being worth around $1 billion.respectively.

What else has Ion Tiriac done?

The former athlete born in Brasov, Romania, He was the manager of some tennis players since 1983, but the one who gave him the most fame was the German Boris Becker, whom he represented between 1984-1993 and who won up to 6 Grand Slam tournaments. In addition, he became president of the Romanian Olympic Committee in 1998 and within tennis, he took over the rights to the ATP Madrid Master 1000, currently the Mutua Madrid Open.

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