Fortnite breaks another record


  • Fortnite Save the World has reached its highest peak of active players, leaving fans hopeful that Epic Games will invest more in the game mode.
  • Save the World had struggled to gain popularity compared to the Battle Royale mode, leading to disappointment among its dedicated players.
  • Despite the recent increase in players, Save the World is not free and must be purchased, making some potential players hesitant before trying it out.

fortniteThe Save the World game mode has reached an all-time peak in active players, making fans wonder if Epic Games will finally invest in it. When fortnite Battle Royale came out and took the world by storm. Almost everyone in the gaming community heard about it given how quickly it became popular around the world. This was an unexpected turn of events for Epic Games; When it was first released, the Battle Royale mode was supposed to be just an addition to fortnitewhile Save the World was supposed to be the main game mode.

There’s no denying that Save the World didn’t grow much among players and didn’t have as many active players, especially compared to Battle Royale. As time went by, Epic Games began to focus most of its attention on fortnite Battle Royale, which only made the problem worse. Avid Save the World players quickly felt abandoned by Epic and disappointed that they had put so little effort into improving the game. The founders (those who bought this game in early access) only became angrier when it was announced that they would no longer be able to earn V-Bucks with Save the World.

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fortnite Save the World peaked on November 12 and had over 50,000 active players at one time. This is likely related to the number of players returning to fortnite for the OG season, as the Battle Royale game mode also broke its player count record the week before. There is no doubt that this season sparked the interest of thousands of players, both active and returning. It seems that while many enjoyed Battle Royale, others also decided to give Save the World another chance.

Fans of the classic PvE game mode were happy to see this increase and it gave them hope that Epic Games would once again give Save the World and its players the necessary attention. fortnite After all, it’s not just the Battle Royale and Creative modes.

Players interested in trying this game mode will have to pay for it. Save the World was supposed to be free once fortnite left early access, but like what happened recently with Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams, these plans were discarded and only those who buy them will be able to play it. Right now, it’s available through the Epic Games Store or your preferred platform for $18.49 as part of the Untask’d Courier Pack.



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July 25, 2017

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