Fortnite developers have bought new development studio

What will those of Fortnite do with a new development studio? Especially since the newly acquired studio plays a very specific type of games.

Fortnite developers have bought new development studio (Photo: Epic)

That Epic want to insert something even more musical into your Battle Royale? Because it is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Harmonix, the development studio that specializes in finding ways to turn music into a video game. But presenting that news of the acquisition could have thrown the fans into a bit of panic, those of Harmonix wanted to rattle off in a post on their official website everything that will happen and above all what will not happenNow that the team has joined the large Epic Games family.

Because Harmonix actually has several things to do already: come out with the new DLCs of Rock Band, work at FUSER, reach the 30 Season mark for Rivals. Maybe even give us another Dance Central while I’m at it. And now to all their commitments, the work on Fortnite is also written in a clear and round Epic.

Harmonix for Fortnite: “we will work in the metaverse”

Fortnite developers have bought new development studio
Fortnite developers have bought new development studio (Photo: Epic)

Fortnite has long since ceased to be a video game. Or better, it has long since ceased to be just a video game. THE concerts they events on its virtual stage and with the pandemic the numbers of users connected for the performance artists of the moment have soared. And the entry of Harmonix seems to be linked to this aspect.

In the press release published on the website of Epic Games we read in fact that “The Harmonic team will work closely with Epic to develop travel and musical gameplay for Fortnite“. A concept, that of music on Fortnite, also reiterated in the words reported by Alain Tascan, Vice President of Game Development at Epic Games: “Music is already bringing millions of people together on Fortnite, from emotes to concerts and global events. With Harmonix we will transform the way players experience music by moving from passive listeners to active participants“.

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And on the page that Harmonix dedicates to the acquisition, we instead read what will not happen in Harmonix: there will be no changes to the programs already organized for the present and future titles of the developer.

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