Fortnite fans name OG season’s missing locations and features

Fortnite’s return to Chapter 1 could be a big hit for most players, but some have pointed out the locations and features that were strangely not repurchased, such as the Loot Lake jumper and Mega Mall.

It’s not that Fortnite has stopped being one of the most popular live service games out there, but it did get a enormous Spiked in popularity earlier this month thanks to the Fortnite: OG mini-season, which takes us back to the good old days of 2018 and lets us revisit some of the benchmarks and gameplay mechanics from Chapter 1.

Although Fortnite: OG brings back most of the most popular features from Chapter 1, it has not brought all of them so far. Over on the Fortnite subreddit, Redditor ProdbyPyxlwhip shared a list of all the things from Chapter 1’s fifth and sixth seasons that haven’t made the jump to Fortnite: OG, from some popular locations to some currently missing gameplay features. in action.

Most of the things missing from Fortnite: OG that ProdbyPyxlwhip highlighted are locations, with some of the biggest omissions including Mega Mall, Neo Tilted, the Wailing Woods secret laboratory, and the Haunting Hills castle. It’s unclear why these areas haven’t been reviewed, but Neo Tilted and Mega Mall in particular were popular with players, so it’s a shame they were left out.

While it’s surprising that some of these landmarks haven’t appeared in Fortnite: OG considering most of them are popular with fans, it makes sense that some of them won’t return. As great as exploring Gotham City was in Fortnite’s first chapter, it was also unlikely to appear in the OG season, as it was part of a marketing deal with DC, one that would likely have to be renegotiated.

While most of the missing Fortnite OG features highlighted in the post are locations, perhaps the most heartbreaking omissions have to do with everyone’s favorite purple Rift cube: Kevin. Kevin made an appearance in the OG season, but strangely he no longer moved around the map like he did in season 5 and, most importantly, he didn’t melt into Loot Lake and turn it into a huge bouncing pad.

It’s currently unclear why Fortnite decided to miss out on these particular locations and features, but considering that the OG season is trying to revisit several different Chapter 1 seasons in one go, it’s understandable that not everything can return. Let’s hope Kevin gets the respect he deserves in the future.

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