Fortnite Gets an Update With Alien Nanobots


Developers from Epic Games released a minor update to the battle royal Fortnite. The main innovation is alien nanobots, which can be used to recreate the atmosphere of an alien planet.

Throwing the nanobot to the ground creates a low-gravity biome open to entry and exit. The authors note that the biome resembles gelatin in viscosity, so when jumping up, players will be like swimming.

Gamers can crouch down to get down inside the biome faster, or jump out of the biome at a high point without taking damage.

The nanobot can also be used as a raw material for crafting items. Combined with a rare (or better) submachine gun, submachine gun, or sniper rifle, players will receive a Chimera Beam Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Rail Cannon, respectively.


Alien nanobots can be found on the ground, on top of the abductors, and inside the flagship.

In addition, an alien named Tap-Tap and a robot Zeke appeared in the southern part of the island, which lay eggs with parasites. You can interfere with their plans to get a special powerful beam gun.

Finally, alien biomes and plants from the alien planet began to appear in the town of Holly Fences. This is now a good place to get alien tech.


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