Fortnite has fashion filters for its skins and is part of its community

Fortnite has fashion filters for its skins and is part of its community
Credit: Broadcasting/Epic Games

A new age rating policy that Epic Games introduced for Fortnite creative mode resulted in an “unintended victim.” Thanks to the new system, some of the skins are also available in the game. we will end up locked up for children under 12 years oldor that they feared a certain revolt within the community.

The policy changes to be developed will become clearer as each of its categories will have its own indicative classification. As a result, many masks that can be purchased in advance remain accessible to some users, especially young babies.

To move too slice or type of skin that can be used each time in two events and ways to play Battle Royale. This means that you can buy a custom screen simply to discover that you can use it on a fairly limited selection of maps, and you don’t have to wait more than once for the same case.

The decision generated some pretty intense criticism in social circles, including some who claimed that Fortnite was “completely destroyed.” Some people should create an online petition on the site to ask Epic Games to reverse its policies; Now, more than 4.3 million people have registered.

The requirement to create an indicative ranking for each element of the game is part of Epic’s process of transforming it into a true metaverse. Try to give enough freedom to the competing players and creators, The company is also protected against any legal problem. Of course, Fortnite continues to grow and attract new audiences.

Fortnite has fashion filters for its skins and is part of its community
Photo: Divulgação/Epic Games

These efforts also include interface changes to prevent bad purchases and strengthen our complaint and game protection systems. This week, the game has a registration system that allows you to more easily record toxic actions that some members of your community may present.

The only way to complete the course is by organizing parties in which all players over 18 years of age and many groups of friends participate. According to Epic Games, each game has a time limit of 5 minutes and is designed to preserve the privacy and security of each user’s data.

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