Fortnite is very ready to collaborate with LEGO and leak the event date

A year ago Epic Games and LEGO announced a collaboration. The data miners They delayed giving clues of the crosses get into fortnite and the LEGO brand, which shouldn’t take long to come online. Within the nine days that have been leaked it is the moment of this event that would revolutionize the outcome real battle.

HIPEX has summarized the information BeastFNCreative and SpushFNBRas reported in the debut: December 7. we will allow it play with a LEGO doll screen which will be accompanied by equipment with the same aesthetics. If you can, extraterrestrials across the map and build with hardware, for example rooms in which you want to regenerate health and energy.

Also We will meet with sellers offering items., camps and enemies. There will be some gestures new and they are adapting some classics to a Minifig version – probably more robotic gestures, due to the limitations of the figures.

Random terrain generation?

This month I mentioned some kind of system. random terrain generation and creation of new worlds, which initiated Compare to Minecraft random world seeds. This could mean that during the event of Fortnite x Legoevery time the players enter to play a match in the Real battleThey live in a world with different terrains, biomes and locations.

At the moment there is no official news but due to the proximity to the moment of the announcement it should not take long; also coincides with Game Awards 2023a gala with many possibilities to serve as an official presentation.

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