Fortnite leaks new rhythm mode featuring Linkin Park and Lady Gaga


  • Fortnite is set to introduce a new Rhythm mode featuring famous artists like Linkin Park and Lady Gaga, which allows players to immerse themselves in the role of the artists using musical instruments.
  • The leaked mode is expected to be available on December 9, which will provide coveted tracks and potentially free rewards, though players should wait for confirmation from Epic Games.
  • Fortnite has a history of collaborations with popular franchises, and recent leaks suggest that future collaborations with Lego and Doctor Who are in the pipeline, which will attract new players to the game.

recently Fortnite The leak indicates that the game will soon bring a new rhythm mode that will feature some famous artists and bands like Linkin Park and Lady Gaga. Fortnite Offers a large pool of in-game modes, which have strict rules and are fun in their own right. Some of these modes rotate in and out of the game, while others remain available throughout each season. Main game modes, including Team Rumble and Party Royale Fortnite Includes Battle Lab, Zero Build, and Imposters.

every time, Fortnite Players call on developers to add a specific gameplay feature as a permanent game mode; For example, he once demanded that Zero Build, which focuses on gunplay and removes building skills, be made available in each season. Some people even asked Epic Games to keep the classic OG map as a standalone mode for those who want to play on original settings. Fortnite With the return of OG breaking its all-time concurrent player record, the developers may be torn between making the map an in-game mode or removing it in due course.

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latest Fortnite Leakage from HYPEX has revealed that a new Rhythm mode, featuring some famous artists and bands like Alice Cooper, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, and Toto, will be added to the game on December 9th. This will allow players to use musical instruments including vocals. Drums, guitar and bass, to immerse yourself in the roles of the artists. In addition to Imagine Dragons Thunder, the upcoming mode will feature a lineup of iconic tracks and give away free rewards. As in the previous case Fortnite Until the leak is confirmed by Epic Games, players should take this with extreme caution.

fortnite rhythm mode artists, bands and songs

  • Lady Gaga – Pokerface
  • Toto – Africa
  • Linkin Park – Numb
  • Alice Cooper – Poison
  • Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Fortnite leaks new rhythm mode

If the leak is true, it will become available a week after the limited-time Rhythm Mode ends FortniteThe OG season of. Information about the event’s rewards is scarce, but fellow players on Reddit believe the game may add emotes based on songs. Some people are also hoping for Lady Gaga’s skin, but that seems very unlikely at the moment.

over the past few years, Fortnite Has done several collaborations with popular franchises Street Fighter And Miracle To attack on Titan, ultimately attracting new players to the game and allowing them to obtain cosmetic outfits of their favorite fictional characters. The good news is that the recent leak shows Fortnite Will collaborate with more franchises including lego And am a doctorSomehow in the future.



Fortnite is an extremely popular game with several modes, the most famous of which is the online battle royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and battle to become the ultimate winner.

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