Fortnite loses the throne, here is the most famous game right now

Fortnite gets a big blow from another game. Loses positions while, on the top of the most desired by the players, another one arrives

fortnite game overtaken by another video game (source

A news that is incredible, especially knowing the great impact that Fornite has on mass culture for all video game lovers. But what happens is pure reality and, apparently, there is also a net detachment in relation to this. But, in the spotlight, in addition to the title of Epic Games another game also ends up there which is a must in gamers’ homes.

We’re talking about Activision’s free-to-play, CoD Warzone. This one, since it was unveiled, has received incredible unparalleled success. Grinding consensus above consents also the CoD, where several online users clash in the war zone, has progressively become, together with Fortnite, the most played title ever. But now, the kingdom of Warzone and Fortnite seems to be falling.

One game surpasses Fortnite and CoD Warzone

fortnite game
fortnite game overtaken by another video game (source twitter)

The recent title of 343 Industries has prevailed over the two free-to-play branded Epic Games and Activision. Halo Infinite has already become the most popular and played game of the moment in the USA. Xbox and Valve players are showing tremendous interest. Still, the single player campaign of the title has not even come out and is already killing fans.

In fact, only the multiplayer beta has been released, but it already records the highest data in terms of number of players using the title. This, of course, will greatly affect the sales of the green cross console for the Christmas period. MasterChief’s latest venture also proves that it knows how to satisfy the demand of its audience.

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Halo, despite the passing of the years, never disappoints. There remains a real love for the franchise that thousands of users demonstrate allowing a truly incredible overtaking. Overcoming Fornite and Warzone in terms of the most played title is not easy, but Halo Infinite did it very well.

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