Fortnite, more than 20 billion dollars in revenue for Epic Games’ battle royale

fortnite he scored collections for more 20 billion dollars: an extraordinary result for Epic Games’ battle royale, which began its journey in 2017, although with a different formula than the one we know today.

A success that does not seem to tire, if we take into account that a few weeks ago Fortnite OG registered 44.7 million players: the best historical result for the title, which in these six years has been supported with great attention and with many collaborations.

The company’s figures come from the AGBO profile of Donald Mustard, who left Epic Games some time ago but who evidently wants to underline the quality of the work carried out, which in terms of figures produced It’s surprisingly close to what Call of Duty achieved in twenty years.

An incredible walk

Fortnite is one of their many collaborations
Fortnite is one of their many collaborations

“During his time as creative director of Epic Games, Donald’s leadership allowed Fortnite to become a cult phenomenon that currently has more than 650 million players and more than 20 billion in revenue,” we read on Mustard’s page on the website of AGBO, the production company founded by the Russo brothers.

“Fortnite Features more than 250 million average monthly players in 2023 and 25 million people try their luck at Battle Royale every day.” The data confirmed some time ago, during the legal case between Epic Games and Apple.

And, speaking of lawsuits, during the Epic Games and Google lawsuit it turned out that the latter considered partnering with Tencent to buy Epic during the period of Stadiums.

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