Fortnite OG Players Baffled by Secret Rift-To-Go Trick

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Fortnite players can’t believe they didn’t know about this simple but useful trick when using Rift-To-Go. allowing you to cancel and pick up an item quickly.

Fornite has proven popular with new and returning players after Epic Games released its classic OG Season Chapter 4 update on November 3. The OG Season brought back the return of the original Chapter 1 map, as well as a ton of iconic features, weapons, and cosmetics. , and more.

With a record number of players returning to the island to familiarize themselves with all the nostalgic additions, many have been rediscovering how to use various returning items.

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For Rift-To-Go in particular, Fortnite players were left baffled after discovering a secret trick that allows them to quickly cancel their rift and pick up an item.

Fortnite Player OG Figures Out How to Pick Up an Item Using Rift-To-Go

Popular leaker and creator of Fortnite HYPEX shared his findings on Twitter/X with a clip showing how to perform the simple cloak trick.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this was possible? Basically, you can act at the last second of the rift to cancel it and pick up the item you left behind.” HYPEX stated.

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To execute the move, use your Rift-To-Go, and when the countdown timer reaches 0.1 seconds, simply press the jump button to instantly cover and cancel the rift.

It may take a few tries to master the move, but after a few tries it should become natural and can be useful for several reasons.

Fornite OG players soon flooded the comments to express that they were as surprised to discover the hack as HYPE.

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“Thanks! I’ve been trying to find a way to pick up an item I dropped, but it never worked this season,” one player responded.

While another begged Epic Games not to remove it: “Please don’t patch this!” One calls it “Two Million IQ.”

Another player wasn’t so lucky when he discovered a certain death mechanic in Fortnite OG at the worst possible time.

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