Fortnite players are surprised by the “ridiculous” mockery of Poche Fortresses

Many Fortnite players consider Poche Fortresses to be unstoppable because they have a high spawn rate.

Fortnite OG is launching for Epic Games starting November 3rd. There is a fashion of remembering old journalists who want to remember the nostalgia of their debut. It also broke a record for Fortnite by attracting more than 44 million people to serve the next day.

Don’t forget Fortnite OG to remember certain elements of its original content, but you will also progressively add certain elements of the most popular items in the game.

Les Gourdes du Brave, Grappins et Bombes Empoisonnée can be found on the menu, but a legendary item seems too easy to find.

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In fact, after those days, players are harassed by the Poche Strongholds spawn taux.

Les Forteresses de Few de Fortnite played “tropical communes”

A Reddit post recently fixed the issue surrounding the rarity of Poche dans le jeu Forteresses. These items, labeled as legends, can be easily found in most places, regardless of their rarity.

This is where Epic Games is known to be the weirdest and rarest of all or the ones chosen like this“asked a Reddit user. “Parce qui’il y en a tellement! This is important after the initial fights of 3 or 4 types among those deployed, you will probably find 2 or 3 of the same item in each group. C’est fou!

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Other players who posted complained about the frequency of crashes, certain statements that began to “les jeter sur des amis” instead of les garder pour la plus tard dans la partie.

Fortnite has now faced issues regarding spawn limits for OG potions. However, it still does not respond to the problems surrounding the Poche Fortresses.

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