Fortnite reverses controversial age restrictions


  • Fortnite backed away from its age-restricted content policies after facing backlash from angry fans and refund requests, prompting Epic Games to reverse the changes.
  • The newly imposed restrictions on skins in creative mode were inconsistent, angering the community who had paid for these skins with V-Bucks.
  • Epic Games acknowledged the failure of the new cosmetic plan and expressed its intention to offer better options during a future in-game event, but did not provide details.

fortnite decided to retract its new policies regarding age-restricted content due to negative reception from fans. fortnite It is one of the best Battle Royale games and has a large fan base, but the community became very angry after the new update and several customers started asking for refunds, leading Epic Games to scrap the changes.

The controversial change occurred a few days ago when fortnite introduced age rating restrictions for skins in creative mode, allowing players to create a custom experience. However, the recently imposed restrictions on what masks players could wear were not very consistent. For example, harmless masks like Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Agent Peely were restricted, while others like horror character Michael Myers were not. This sparked a huge backlash from the community as players paid for these skins using V-Bucks and demanded refunds in case they could not be used during gameplay.

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Now, due to the backlash, Epic Games has decided to reverse its controversial decision to impose age ratings on cosmetics in fortnite. In a recent tweet, the company acknowledged that its new cosmetics plan “didn’t hit the mark” and that the team is currently working to offer more options that are better accepted. The tweet also hinted that some of these new options would be introduced in a “sort of big in-game event,” but it was not made clear when this event would take place.

While fortnite It is often played by children and teenagers, and some form of protection for these players may be deemed necessary, with many players asking for a system that actually makes sense and is not so restrictive. For now, it remains to be seen how Epic Games will react to these community demands in the long term, as its future plans for fortnite they are not clear.

Debates about children and what content they can access in games are very frequent lately. For example, the popular Roblox He recently received a lawsuit from the parents of some of his players. The lawsuit accused the company of violating California laws by falsely advertising itself as a safe space for children. According to him, the filtering tools used by Roblox They were not enough to prevent harassment of underage players. In both Roblox and fortniteIn this case, it remains to be seen how each company will balance the demands of protecting children from harmful content and keeping its player base satisfied.



Fortnite is a very popular game that has several modes, the most famous of which is the online Battle Royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and fight to be the ultimate victor.

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July 25, 2017

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