Fortnite update brings back a floating island and 2 domed vehicles


  • Fortnite OG is updated weekly with new content, allowing players to experience different chapters and enjoy returning points of interest, weapons, and vehicles.
  • The latest trailer shows changes to Loot Lake, with the island cabin becoming a floating version and the cube, Kevin, trapped at the bottom, although its purpose is unknown.
  • Fans will also be able to use the quadcrasher, driftboard, mounted turrets, and more when the new update arrives.

Before the second update for fortnite OG, Epic Games reveals the return of Loot Lake, as well as previously vaulted content like the driftboard and quadcrasher. It’s been another big week for the popular Battle Royale Fortnite, as the game returned to its 2018 roots. After countless rumors and leaks, fortnite OG saw a massive increase in players thanks to the return of iconic locations like Tilted Towers and other weapons, vehicles, and other items from Chapter 1.

While fortnite OG will only be available for a limited time, Epic plans to keep it fresh by changing content weekly. With each update towards the end of the week, Fortnite OG moves forward a little, highlighting a new chapter each week that brings back the points of interest of that era, weapons, vehicles and everything that fans have come to expect. Fortnite-specific leaks have already hinted at the return of content, although for Week 2, Epic Games released a short trailer ahead of the usual weekly update, giving fans a brief glimpse of what’s coming.

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Titled Darkness Rises In Loot Lake, the latest Fortnite trailer reveals that the popular point of interest known as Loot Lake is receiving some changes as the game moves towards Chapter 1 Season 6 content. As the trailer highlights, the Loot Lake island cabin is being converted into a floating version, with the bucket fortnite community named Kevin trapped at the bottom. It is unknown at this time if the purple cube will move around the Fortnite map like it did a few years ago, or if this is purely for a visual effect.

What’s it like to come back and be skipped for Chapter 4, Season 6?

Using clouds to tease additional returning content, Fortnite OG is also seeing the return of driftboard and quadcrasher vehicles. Additionally, the following weapons and equipment will also return for a short time.

  • Mounted turrets
  • Dynamite
  • double barrel shotgun
  • clinger
  • Port-to-Fortress
  • heavy assault rifle
  • six shooters
  • Grip glove
  • chiller trap

In addition to returning content, fortnite He’s also sending some items back to the vault. This includes:

  • Remote explosives
  • Port-to-Fort
  • impulse grenades
  • smoke grenades

With Fortnite evolving into a new chapter each week, fans should also note that the in-game store is also changing up its offerings, with some classic items returning, as well as new skins and content, including a new crossover with Netflix. Strange things. Interested players can get new character skins for Eleven, Demogorgon, and Hopper. Players can also acquire the Hopper’s Cabin Backbling Diorama, Steve’s Bat Pickaxe, Eddie’s Spear Pickaxe, and a Telekinetic Power Breakfast emote.



Fortnite is a very popular game that has several modes, the most famous of which is the online Battle Royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and fight to be the ultimate victor.

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July 25, 2017

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epic games

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