Fortnite’s new LEGO game mode looks a lot like Minecraft – here’s everything we know

fortnite will have a collaboration with LEGO starting next December, and it looks like it will be one of the biggest events in the game after the launch of UEFN. Not only that, from the known information we can deduce that Epic Games intends to create a mode similar to Minecraft.

Fortnite x LEGO: everything we know about the new collaboration

For the past few weeks, the Fortnite community has been talking about a new LEGO game mode. The fact that The LEGO logo was added to the Fortnite servers. confirmed for the first time that it was not rumors or hearsay, but something completely real. The Discord mining server bot, Fortnite Central, caught this official image uploading to the Fortnite servers.

On the other hand, popular dataminer HYPEX shared and summarized many details about the LEGO game mode in Fortnite, including the release date, in a tweet. Namely:

  • LEGO game mode will be available on December 7, 2023.
  • We can play as LEGO characters.
  • Some of the items available are: LEGO guns, workbenches, beds, fences, catapults, map markers, zip lines, and consumables such as potions.
  • We can collect resources from the stage and build objects with a construction tool.
  • There will be a HP and power system.
  • There will be beds with curtains where we can sleep to regenerate health and energy, and we can start a sleep vote when we play with more people.
  • There will be vendors to sell items, camps to sleep in, and enemies to fight.
  • There will be a crafting mechanic and an inventory.
  • It will be possible to use special versions of emoticons and dances adapted for this game mode.
  • We can show a wide range of emotions such as sadness, happiness or anger.
  • The movement mechanics available are glide, swim, glide, fly, run, walk and fall, and there is fall damage.

The description of several of these elements, such as the use of a health bar and an energy bar and beds that are used to sleep and recover, both suggest that Fortnite would create a game mode similar to Minecraft, but with LEGO. minecraft is the most successful and best-selling video game of all time, with more than 300 million copies sold. While Fortnite has also been a huge success that has seen Epic Games grow to unprecedented levels, It doesn’t seem far-fetched to think that they would want to create a similar game mode to the Mojang title and also use the LEGO brand to give it more legitimacy so that the public does not think that it is a cheap copy.

Furthermore, this new game mode would have been the catalyst for Epic Games to implement a new age rating system that prevents the use of certain clothing and objects on maps classified for all audiences. Part of Minecraft’s success lies in its low age rating for kid-friendly content; In the United States, it is rated E, meaning it is recommended for players ages seven and up.

This wouldn’t be the first time LEGO and Minecraft have crossed paths.– There are many LEGO sets based on the popular Mojang video game. This is “keeping everything in the family.”

In any case, we’ll have to wait for the end of the Fortnite OG season in early December 2023 before we can learn more about this collaboration and see if it really looks that much like Minecraft or not.

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