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Blue Cross He continues with the problem of finding his goal man. Today more than ever, at La Noria a series of difficulties to sign that player who is in charge of the attack, as the Uruguayan did at the time Jonathan Rodríguez or the Mexican Santiago Gimenez.

At present the celestial can boast of having three strikerseven a room as a contract for this 2023but the firstIván Morales, Gonzalo Carneiro and Michael Estrada- They have not been able to carry the weight of the jersey and the last –Augusto Lotti– should still be displayed.

Who are the strikers of Cruz Azul?

Ivan Morales It is the element that has the most tournaments on board La Máquina; arrived for him Closing 2022 with an unpromising poster as well as issues of indiscipline. The Chilean received opportunities, although not many, but he had them and in this his third championship so far Couldn’t do anything for the team.

Even, only has one annotation and it was in the Opening Tournament 2022 in the victory of the celestial ones over Necaxa in Matchday 6; For this Clausura 2023 it was expected to no longer have him on the squad, but his poor performance has not generated attention from other clubs to cause him to leave and release the foreigner square what is needed

Gonzalo Carneiro was the response that the directive had after last year santi gimenez He left to reach Feyenoord; the Ecuadorian adapted and had a positive inertia in the last third of the championship with three annotations in days 12, 14 and 15; However, that peak moment did not last long and he has not been able to link it with the start of this 2023.

michael estrada He is a player who had the advantage of knowing the MX League for his time in Toluca, although it is not that he has become a goal-scoring banner with the Red Devils, but this gave him a little more credit, in addition to being contemplated by Gustavo Alfaroformer coach of Ecuador, for the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Your participation in the world Cup It was the excuse to announce that he would not continue with La Máquina, after having an Apertura 2022 of three goals in 331 minutes of play; Nevertheless, Estrada did not convince anyone and he backed down on his idea to stay in La Noria. He has been a starter in the first two games for Cruz Azul at this start of the championship, but his scoring quota is nil.

Augusto Lotti, the footballer arrived for this campaign; he debuted in preseason with a goal and just before Monterrey he received his first minutes in Liga MXso its performance remains to be seen.

The options and complexities to sign

Cross bluehe has until January 31 to hire the forward that he loves so much Raul “Potro” Gutierrez to round out your team; Although there are still a couple of weeks to go, one of the complexities facing The Machine is that the quota of foreigners is fullso you have to get rid of a foreigner to turn to see a gunner outside the country.

The main option is the output of Ivan Morales, but it has been complicated by not having on the table no offer for the Chilean; Yes, the board has surveyed players who can be a ‘bomb’ for the club and Mexican soccer.

The first attempt was by the Uruguayan Luis Suarez, the gunman It was intended, but he opted for Brazilian soccer and the Copa Libertadores, so signed with the Guild.

A second try is Enner Valenciathat although there has been no confirmation from Cruz Azul, the Turkish media indicate that there is an offer for the Ecuadorian on the table of the Fenerbahce Sportbut they make it clear that the scorer has no plans to return to Mexico and his intention is to continue in Turkish soccer.

Can Cruz Azul still sign someone from Liga MX?

Cruz Azul can still sign a Liga MX playeralthough he has already participated in the Closing Tournament 2023; this due to the assembly agreement that was approved last year between the owners of the teams, which allows soccer players who are active in the Aztec league to sign and play with another club until FIFA transfer limit which this year ends on January 31.

La Máquina adds three goals in two parties; one of them was an own goal and the other two scored by charly rodriguez Y Uriel Antuna. It is so that the Colt Gutierrez He depends on and trusts his midfield players to produce goals, while the ‘thug’ striker arrives or those who are there find their peak moment.

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