Four Dominicans extradited to the United States

The Executive Branch ordered the extradition to the United States of four Dominicans accused of different crimes.

Decrees 546, 547, 548 and 549 ordered the extradition of Nigal E. Carpio Calderón, Jamlet Leonel García Jiménez, Jeisy Peguero and Saulo Manuel de Peña.

In the case of Carpio Calderón, he maintains a pending sentence of 30 months for criminal association to “conduct, attempt to conduct, and cause the conduct of financial transactions involving interstate and foreign commerce for illicit gain, specifically, the distribution of controlled substances.”

Jamlet García Jiménez is accused of criminal association to distribute a controlled substance, specifically cocaine, as well as importing it into the United States from abroad and possessing more than five kilograms of it.

While Jessy Peguero, He is charged with importing cocaine, laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking, and directing and attempting to direct financial transactions affecting interstate and foreign commerce.

In the case of Saulo de Peña, he is accused of importing from outside the United States Cocaine, as well as its distribution.

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