Four hundred people enjoyed the Latin American Orchestra and White Voice Choir

The Latin American Orchestra and the White Voices Choir of Punta Arenas performed at the Municipal Theater in a free concert given by municipal artists before the final dates of the 2023 Cultural Billboard, organized by the Culture Sector of the Municipality of Punta. Arenas.

About four hundred people enjoyed the event, children, youth and adults gathered to enjoy the show for about two hours. The Latin American Orchestra presented other works such as “Arauco de Pie” by Ilpu, “Verano Porteño” by Astor Piazzolla, “La fiesta de San Benito” by Inti Illimani. Next, the White Voices Choir of Punta Arenas sang a total of eleven songs, which shone from works such as Cerf-Volante, Ben, Voix sur ton chemin, Pajaros en el Aire, El Burrito Sabanero and others.

Jessica Castillo, Director of Community Development (DIDECO) said “This was a great presentation by our two municipal teams, almost closing out the year by announcing all the work we have done. It was an evening where attendees The public can enjoy the White Voice Choir under the direction of Luis Santana and the Latin American Orchestra under the direction of Victor Veliz”; In addition, he extends invitations to the following weekend where other artists will perform “On Friday our municipal ballet will perform, on Saturday the choir and orchestra will perform, and on Sunday the theater will perform under the direction of the artist.” Director.”Paulina Carrasco” he added.

It was a wonderful event for those in attendance and there is no doubt that it was a success that increasingly promotes the culture of Punta Arenas.

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