Four major indie studios are on fire for occupational toxicity

Today it is common to meet numerous reports or complaints of video game studios with toxic work environmentseither because of their low wages, Crunch or any type of discrimination or mistreatment, with Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft being two of the clearest and most important examples of this type of environment in part of their studies.

However, they are not the only ones and this labor toxicity also affects independent developers with a smaller size, with two investigations carried out by the YouTube channel People Make Games and the well-known medium VentureBeat that have put in the trigger to four very important indie studios in the sector.

The People Make Games investigation has collected the testimonies of 24 employees of Mountains (florence), Fulbright (Gone Home) and Funomena (wattham)which point to the poor work environment of these studios with, for example, Ken Wong (founder of Mountains) being a emotionally abusive boss who constantly belittles his workers doubting their skills or experience.

Something similar happens with the founder of Funoimena, Robin Hunicke, who uses personal information of its workers to humiliate them or treat them in unprofessional ways while in Fullbright the work environment is toxic for similar reasons, something that has already caused one of the top managers of the study resigned in August 2021 for sexism and bad behavior with its employees who fear that these circumstances may be repeated in the future due to the lack of solutions within the study.

Moon Studios, an oppressive place to work

For its part, VentureBeat’s research focuses on Moon Studiosthe developers of the saga Ori that has managed to conquer the hearts of fans of 2D platform games, who have a oppressive work environment because of its founders, Thomas Mahler and Gennadiy Korol, who according to employees are overly critical, unprofessional and even offensive with developers, with attitudes and comments that, by themselves, seem like “little things” but that when accumulated have a real cost for the morale of the developers and a healthy work environment.

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