Four Reasons Why is One Direction’s best album

The album’s title, in a way, predicted One Direction’s future. Okay sorry, sorry that was inappropriate (but it’s true…). or maybe Made in AM should have called Four Because that would have been very descriptive. Okay, okay we will stop now. Either way, this album deserves everyone’s love and even more. Although all of One Direction’s albums are the best, Four Will always have a special place in our hearts. And we’ve narrowed it down to our top four reasons.

Bradford’s bad boy

The first, of course, is Zayn Malik. The last album and songs we had with all five members of the band. With Zayn as part of One Direction. The band always never felt complete without him. His loud voice, his presence; The last album that had it all.

‘Night Changes’ Music Video

The second reason would be the music video. We girls were really won over by this music video. We all got to go on our own dates with each guy!!! Without this album, none of this would have been possible. Wattpad Girls were never the same after this video. We think that’s what makes the album the best Best, Now I wish dates were in real life and not on screen. Maybe one day, Delulu will be Solulu.


We know Harry Styles’ ‘Satellite’ is stomp. But before all that, we had the amazing Niall stomps/dancing to ‘Act My Age’. Take us back to those days, por favor, We also got James Corden’s amazing ‘No Control’ choreography that will always be legendary. Also ‘steal my girl???’ ‘Stockholm Syndrome???’ ‘Maya???’ There were explosive songs one after the other in this album. and most of all, Four Gave us ‘fool’s gold’. Just… ‘Fool’s gold!’ A no-skip album 100%.

their development

Now, the most important reason. Four Shows the evolution of One Direction and each of its members as musicians: their sound changed from the adolescence we all originally saw X Factor For adult and mature musicians. This album clearly shows off the strengths of all five of them as songwriters and vocalists. Therefore, we believe Four This is the best One Direction album ever. Well, until they drop their reunion album or at least do a reunion concert (remember, Delulu is Solulu)! Until then, we’ll keep listening to One Direction’s songs on repeat and use their quotes whenever possible, like our senior quotes.

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