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The next Oscar for best actor

Elvis, on HBO Max

Frame from 'Elvis'
Frame from ‘Elvis’
Warner Bros.

We are at the beginning of the prize race. not yet celebrated Toronto, market from which every year some candidates emerge for the Oscar. However the Elvis of Baz Luhrman He has already left us one of the interpretations of the year that should be taken into account in future nominations.

The work of austin butler in Elvis it is prodigious. Not only does he embroider the different accents, body weights, tones of voice and moods of the king of rock, but the actor blends in with him in such a way that he comes to resemble him even though physically he has nothing to do with it.

Elvis is a journey through the life of the musician from the point of view of his controversial manager (played by a Tom Hanks crushed by kilos of prosthetics and makeup). Although he does cover interesting episodes of his career (especially his passion for black music) it covers too many years of his life to delve into anything, feeling that the bizarre visual style of Luhrmann amplifies.

A lesson in Criminal Law

The accusation, in Filmin

'The accusation'
‘The accusation’

The subject, a trial for a case of pederasty, can throw back. tell it to Arcadi Sword. However, it would be unfair (pun intended) for this magnificent German series if we did not see it based on that prejudice. Above all, because the plot of pederasty is really an excuse to build one of the best series of lawyers on recent television.

Richard Schlesinger Dr. (Peter Kurt) go to Ottern as a defense attorney in a macro-case of pederasty in which a large part of the picturesque German town seems to be involved. Inspired by the Worms trials, in which more than 25 people were charged with involvement in a major child pornography scheme, the series by former lawyer and bestselling author Ferdinand von Schirach It is a very interesting reflection that will annoy the defenders of what is politically correct and will please those who, despite everything, still retain their critical spirit.

A landmark of auteur cinema

The worst person in the world, in Movistar Plus +

In a genre, that of the romantic (and/or dramatic) comedy that has been battered in recent times, expelled from theaters and confined to platform content, Trier, like Julie, has turned on a switch, time has frozen and comedy romantic (and/or dramatic) has started a race towards a –hopefully– exciting future.  (5/5)
the worst person in the world
Movistar Plus +

The only certainty that presents us the worst person in the world is that it is a 12-part film, with a prologue and an epilogue. The rest, like life, is perpetual uncertainty. Its protagonist, Julie (Renate Reinseve, award in Cannes for best actress), makes precisely that spiritual journey in the film. At the beginning of The worst person in the world great success of last year’s auteur cinema, Julie is a medicine or psychology student turned photographer, columnist and writer, the kind of person who doesn’t have children because she’s waiting for certain things to happen (she doesn’t know what). She, in the end, is a still photo on film shoots and that other type of person who has learned that the world is chaotic and things in life do not come ordered to her liking.

Camouflaged with that chaotic universe that puts in images, the worst person in the world it is a film as free in its substance as in its form, from that deliciously ironic voiceover that comes and goes. start close to Woody Allen in tone, soundtrack and soul. Specifically, the Woody Allen of New York loves and heartbreaks, the one with Annie Hall Y Hannah and her sisters. The conflicts, light as then, are updated to the era of Me Too, the madness of Instagram and clickbait: “Is it possible to be a feminist and like to be fucked in the mouth?”, the protagonist titles an article she writes and it goes viral.

Two men, Joachim Trier Y Eskil Vogt sign one of the best written female characters of the recent past. It’s not just that. It is a portrait of what it means to be a woman in her thirties today, the tribulations faced by young women who have to go through love, a professional vocation, motherhood or sentimental commitment in the 21st century. And, beyond the point of view of gender, it is a journey towards the search for meaning that unites us all, women and men, in this chaotic and absurd universe. As her ex-partner tells Julie, the man who has unknowingly changed her life: “I’ve spent so much time worrying about what could go wrong. And what went wrong didn’t bother me.”

Amnesiac women, rich bastards

appearances, on AppleTV


One of the symptoms of economic and social crises is the popularization of fictional products that condemn the richest. appearances, bet of AppleTV, joins this trend with this series starring the always suggestive Gugu Mbatha Raw in the skin of a woman with amnesia after an alleged suicide attempt.

If you are thinking that all these ingredients sound like something to you, don’t think about it anymore. Effectively, appearances is a series produced by Reese witherspoon. And yes, it will hook those who enjoy the miseries of millionaires and compare their marriages with those of others. But let’s say it already: sign for the role of the suspicious husband to Oliver Jackson Cohen when the last we have seen of him was the abusive psychopath who gave such a bad life to Elizabeth Moss in The invisible man Maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

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