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Milan, April 4, 2022 – Fourth dose of the Covid vaccine for everyone or only for frail and immunosuppressed people? The debate continues on whether to carry out a second reminder, after the primary vaccination cycle and the first booster dose, especially given the new one growth of infections and the arrival of the variant Xe.

Cosid, the Italy and Lombardy bulletin of 3 April

Variant Xe: what it is, symptoms, contagiousness and vaccine

The official indication is expected days from European Commission which, on the proposal of Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, it was urged to take a position that is shared by all Member States. “On the fourth dose, I think that at European level we have made the right choice – said the minister -. Last Tuesday, at the meeting of European health ministers, I proposed to ask the European Commission to giveand a shared indication. T.all countries, as always, are studying and investigating the data on infections. The risk was that everyone would decide for himself. It would have been a mistake to make different choices in each country because those relating to vaccinations are not political choices, but must be based on scientific evidence. “Speranza, however, underlined:” The fourth dose must be made to the immunosuppressedand it is important to do it now, and then it will probably be used for more fragile generational groups “.

“The Minister of Health is right to coordinate with his European peers to decide on a common strategy. It makes no sense to run to who is better, who arrives first”, he commented. Filippo Anelli, president of the National Federation of Orders of doctors (Fnomceo). And again: “There is an interest on the part of several nations to make the fourth dose, especially in the most frail, those over eighty and over seventy. And I believe that, if the numbers continue to be so high, this campaign will have to be launched now, not in the fall. ”

“We in Italy – remembered Anelli – we started it for immunosuppressed people in the reference centers where they are followed. The only concern of the doctors was only to understand if postpone the campaign to early autumn, possibly with a vaccine also updated to Omicron and Omicron 2 variants, it would have helped. The invitation I can make to citizens is to follow the instructions of the white coats which, as we have seen so far, have worked. We do what will be decided, because the decisions are not far-fetched, but are the result of a long study and long reflection. There are a series of resistances, but beliefs not supported by scientific data must be debunked “.” A booster dose – he specified – simply means raise the number of antibodiesi: it is as if one came into contact with the virus without getting the disease, but strongly developing an antibody reaction. The fourth dose would have this meaning: it is a booster that further stimulates the body. It is not unnatural nor does it cause great reactions. It would be useful in this respect “.

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