Fox criticizes AMLO for saying Argentina scored ‘own goal’ after Miley’s win: “If jealousy were herpes”

AMLO said in his morning conference that Argentina had scored “an own goal” by giving Miley the victory. Photo: Cuartoscuro

former president of mexico Vicente Fox Quesadacriticized the President’s statements Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) Said this on Tuesday morning during his morning press conference on the victory of Javier Miley for President of Argentina.

And during his morning speech, AMLO said Argentina had made a mistake “My goal” to vote for Miley and make her win.

In this regard, Fox Quesada made a publication on his account on the social network: AMLO “If jealousy were a thing”…… (sic), the former President said in his publication.

‘If jealousy were ringworm, how many ringworms there would be!’ This is the whole saying he shared Vicente Fox QuesadaReferring to AMLO regarding his statements before his victory Miley in Argentina.

This saying refers to the feeling of jealousy in humans, which is the desire to have something that another person has, It is widespread in society and, if it were a disorder, the planet would be full of people suffering from that disease.

As an example the proverb mentions tubwhich is a situation that involves a Skin infection caused by certain parasites causing skin rashes Which become extremely painful due to itching and prickling, and when scratched they leave wounds and scabs. It is also believed that Highly contagious through direct contact, Whether between people, pets or objects that have been in contact with an infected person, such as towels, sheets, clothes, combs, etc.

Since ringworm was treated for a disease that was very common among the lower classes, and the prejudice existed that these were by nature jealousy An analogy arose between infectious disease and the feeling of desiring what one’s neighbor has, i.e. envy.

AMLO reacted to Miley’s victory. Credit: Reuters Credit: Cuartoscuro

This Tuesday morning, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reacted to Javier Miley wins the presidency of Argentina. AMLO described the decision of the Argentine people as “own goal”.

“To put it in one word, with all due respect, it was a own goal, And I don’t agree, although I respect the people’s decision, with right-wing governments. The federal president said, “I don’t agree with classist, racist governments, I don’t agree with the hypocrisy that characterizes the right in the world.”

Besides, Lopez Obrador rejected the threat of a far-right government coming to power in Mexico After his administration, to which he assured that “there is nothing to fear” and stressed that people in Mexico are very political.

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