‘Fragments from the past’, the new thriller with Hugh Jackman – Magazine is out


Thursday 26 August will be released in Italian cinemas ‘Fragments from the past – Reminiscence’, a thriller / noir starring Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson and Thandie Newton. It is a narratively ambitious film, with an interlocking plot that goes in and out of people’s memories and that has pushed critics to compare it with ‘Inception’.

‘Fragments from the past – Reminiscence’, all about the film

The plot is set in the not too distant future, in which the climate crisis has brought enormous upheavals: the rising waters have submerged many territories, the unbearable heat has pushed people to live mainly at night, sleeping during the day, and the social and political tensions are skyrocketing. In this context we meet Nick, a former soldier who converted to
private investigator specializing in probing people’s memories in search of clues and certainties. One day a woman entrusts him with a relatively simple task and Nick falls in love with her, who soon disappears. When the memories of different people begin to involve the woman’s hand in a series of violent crimes, linked to the world of crime, Nick embarks on a complex search for the truth.

‘Fragments from the past – Reminiscence’ represents the directorial and screenplay film debut for
Lisa Joy, who had previously only been involved in television, mostly signing the notable TV series ‘Westworld’ (which garnered her three Emmy nominations). About the cast: the protagonist is played by
Hugh Jackman (‘Wolverine’), his colleague from
Thandie Newton (‘Crash: physical contact’) and the woman he loves from
Rebecca Ferguson (‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’). Next to them Nico Parker, Daniel Wu, Cliff Curtis, Brett Cullen and Mojean Aria.

The trailer


The reviews, the opinion of the critics

Broadly the US criticism expressed
a judgment without infamy and without praise: convinced the interpretation of Hugh Jackman and liked the ambition of the film, which does not hold back when it comes to complicating the narrative plot and evoking philosophical subtexts. However, many have stressed that ambition is not always followed by the effectiveness of the staging and that we are not faced with the peaks reached by titles in some ways similar. They have been cited
‘Inception’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Chinatown’, ‘The Godfather’ and ‘The Mystery of the Hawk’, all judged superior.


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