Francesca Amadori fired by her father and consoled by her grandfather: “I’ll sue” –

Family passion, says the company slogan. And days of passion, these at the beginning of 2022, certainly are for Francesca Amadori, fired by her father and consoled by her grandfather. Strong sensations determined precisely by the family which, in his case, coincides with the company he worked for. Until Tuesday 11 January, when the group whose president her father Flavio fired her. In the trunk. With a letter communicating the termination, with immediate effect, of the employment relationship. Because the company rules – they made it known from the Cesena headquarters with a concise note – are valid for all employees, without any distinction. Even if you are the daughter of the president and the granddaughter of the founder – now 89 years old – who with the phrase of the advertising spot the word of Francesco Amadori entered the homes of all Italians through TV.

Differences lasted a year

Francesca – 45 years old, in the company for 18, first in human resources, then in communication – did not expect this

. Although the disagreements, both at a company and family level, had already been evident for a year, she did not think it could go that far: fired by her father, in the company founded in 1969 by her grandfather to whom she has always been strongly linked. So much so that he is considered his Steve Jobs for the innovative choices they have made possible to the brand with the family name to make the leap from Cesena to the whole of Italy to reach a share of 30% of the national poultry meat market with 8,900 employees who brought Amadori chicken to the table of all Italians and the turnover to 1.2 billion euros. I did not think it would lead to dismissal – explains Francesca, now former head of the communication area of ​​the group that bears her surname – after 18 years of working in the family group in which I have always operated in an ethically correct manner and in the interest of agency. Not only for the dedication to work, but also because it is animated by the feeling of attachment that has always linked me to the company founded by my grandfather Francesco.

Family and business clashes

His Steve Jobs. With which she also felt yesterday, like every day, and which consoled her. As did the mother, who for some time no longer lives with her father – the 66-year-old president Flavio – who has a new partner. Francesca prefers not to delve into the themes of family and business clashes (which have a precedent: in 1998 the founding brothers Francesco and Arnaldo, who died in 2017 at the age of 82, separated, with the company remaining in the hands of the former): I think it is right to do it elsewhere: I am evaluating the most appropriate initiatives to oppose a measure that I consider unfair and illegitimate and which does not concern the violation of any company rule, finding on the contrary foundation in other logics that will have to be ascertained. , in the appropriate locations. On the horizon, therefore, a clash in court is looming: it will be a judge to determine whether the divergences of corporate strategies – with all probability related to the communicative approach to the market in a period in which even in the poultry sector the prices of raw materials have jumped by 40%, putting the sector in crisis – may have been so serious as to lead to an immediate dismissal.

The dispute in court

While waiting for the judges, Francesca Amadori will have to go back to confronting the labor market outside the family unit, as at the beginning of her career. When you start working in the human resources of Ikea Italia and then, for about a year, also in Ikea Australia, on the other side of the world compared to the Romagna of the family chickens. I am receiving calls of esteem and solidarity from the many entrepreneurs, the many associations and the many companies with which I have been in contact for years. I find it very helpful – concludes Francesca Amadori – and very gratifying at the moment. Because it doesn’t happen every day to be fired by the father, at the head of that company that will also belong to the family but which behaves as multinationals do when they decide to move abroad. If they, the relatives, point out that the rules are valid for all employees without any distinction, then even the reply – that of seeing each other in court – does not admit kinship whatsoever. It is safe to bet that the family war is only just beginning.

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