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Strong criticism against the United States (USA) launched this Friday, May 13, two candidates for the Vice Presidency of Colombia during a forum organized in Washington by various think tanks in the city.

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The event, which was sponsored by the United States Institute for Peace (USIP), the Atlantic Council and the Woodrow Wilson Center, was attended by Francia Márquez, Gustavo Petro’s running mate in the Historic Pact, and Luis Gilberto Murillo, from the Hope Center coalition (Sergio Fajardo).

According to the organizers, Rodrigo Lara, from Team for Colombia (Federico Gutiérrez) and Marelen Castillo, from the League of Anticorruption Leaders (Rodolfo Hernández), were also invited to the forum. Both declined the invitation to participate in person or virtually.

According to Steve Hege of USIP (an autonomous government agency), the Gutiérrez campaign said he will travel to Washington at a later date.

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presidential coalitions

This is how they reacted in the headquarters of the coalitions with the results of March 13.


Hector Fabio Zamora / Mauricio Moreno / Ana María Gómez / El Tiempo

Francia Márquez, in her speech, accused the US ambassador Philip Goldberg of “direct intervention in politics” for recently mentioning that both Russia and Venezuela want to interfere in national elections.

“The Historical Pact was not mentioned, but it is clear that he was referring to our candidate and that breaks with the principle of non-intervention in politics. We ask the United States for respect and neutrality, even if they do not like our positions,” Márquez said.

Later, in an exchange with journalists, the candidate classified what happened as “very serious”. Márquez insisted that the US, in case the Historic Pact is elected, should respect the will of the Colombian people and work with the new government to strengthen relations in areas of common agreement.

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The Historic Pact candidate also described the United States’ focus on the fight against drugs as a “failure” and said that her government would promote the legalization of coca and marijuana crops.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden, President of the United States.


EFE/EPA/Marcin Obara

The Caucana expressed that the US leadership “has based its policy towards Colombia on the war against drugs and that has been a failed policy because production remains intact and drug trafficking as well. The great challenge for the United States is to recognize that failure and strengthen the relationship, but with a different approach,” said Márquez after indicating that there were many spaces to work with the United States on climate change and the implementation of the peace agreements.

Luis Gilberto Murillo, for his part, questioned that this Government had not spoken out to denounce the support of some military personnel for other candidates in the country. and described that country’s support for the implementation of the agreements as “erratic and incoherent.”

According to Murillo, it is not understood that on the one hand they present themselves as the champions of the fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment, while on the other they insist on the aerial fumigation of illicit crops, which destroys forests and ecosystems.

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The vice-presidential candidate also cataloged the current strategy against drugs as failed and said that, under a Fajardo government, he would push for the fight against drugs not to be the axis of the bilateral relationship.

Philip Goldberg

Ambassador Philip Goldberg during the summit for the 200 years of bilateral relations between Colombia and the United States.

“You have to diversify the portfolio of relations, in science, technology, innovation, trade relations, empowerment of women and ethnic communities, environment,” Murillo said.

According to him, Colombia must continue to be a strategic partner of the United States, but with full respect for its sovereignty and from a different approach.

Francia Márquez, at this point, also insisted that it is false that with a hypothetical government of Petro relations with the US would end. In addition, he explained that the above arises from a fear that the right has wanted to sell to the country.

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Both agreed, yes, that it is necessary to review the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that was signed with the United States 10 years ago so that it responds to new needs and serves to offer opportunities that benefit the country.

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