Francis Ngannou denies dating rumors with Kim Kardashian

Francis Ngannou denies dating rumors with Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian in Francis Ngannou sauce? It’s an incredible rumor that a web tour took place in November last year in advance of this madness, leading to Cameroonian fighters reacting to Kanye West’s ex-woman’s tweet on Mars. The ancient UFC champion explained this supposed relationship with the reality TV star in order to make the mise-en-scène or the tres-claire point.

Kim Kardashian in Francis Ngannou sauce? The former UFC champion scored points on i

In this conversation, Francis Ngannou is the wrong answer to rumors of an affair with Kim Kardashian and his son, who returned to the ring, decided to become a reporter for new fights. Debut 2024, Ngannou’s simple comment on Kardashian’s tweet is enough to love the toilet and a fair of new rumors about the couple. Meet journalist Philippe Simo for the Investir au Pays podcast, the MMA champion is obvious: Kim Kardashian, is this your friend? No N!.

Explanation in the bathroom means maintaining privacy: “Les gens n’ont pas besoin de savoir”. A journalist in a tent about a burglar when he is demanding about celibacy, but the “Predator” remains aloof: “This is hard… I love a good answer.”.

In the sporting match, Ngannou is concentrating on coming back from his knockout loss to Anthony Joshua in English boxing. “Lux? This is a fair of beautiful fights, which exists in both MMA and boxing.…et eventuellement gagner”in the end, it will be sourire sur son avenir dans les Sports de Combat.

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