Francisca Lachapel took her bags and went alone to her native country to fulfill a dream

After a week had passed, the presenter Francisca Lachapel returned to the Dominican Republic, but this time with a different goal because it is something professional to which she has wanted to dedicate herself and the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes to meet the goals you have in life, you need to make some efforts and she is no exception.

The Dominican is in her native country to dedicate herself to a new facet away from hosting a program, Well, now it’s about being in front of a camera to face the new challenge of acting. In addition, she had to travel alone and one of the things that saddens her the most is having to leave her little son in the country where she lives with her husband Francesco Zampogna.

This new illusion that he will face was made known through his personal account on Instagram. At the same time, she offered details about her because she will be the protagonist of this film, because since her stay on the island she has taken the opportunity to show what the different locations that will be captured in the film will be.

“Teacher Mechy is a beautiful story… It is a very nice project that I am sure people will love“, were part of the words expressed by the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina (NBL) 2015.

Cheddy Garcia, who is the producer of the film, said that actress Angelina Jolie had been asked to participate but was tricked when she saw that Lachapel had arrived, she said jokingly.

“They asked Angelina Jolie, but they sent Francisca”, was evidenced in a video posted on the camera’s social network.

The model has made his process in the world of acting quite clear with Mela La Melazaand now she comes with this new responsibility where she will keep doing what she had most dreamed of, but away from her loved ones while the recording is taking place.

“This is Bertha, Mechy’s super best friend, who always advises and supports her in EVERYTHING, no matter how crazy it seems. We all want a friend like that. Shooting day #5”, they reviewed with the first image that has been from the aforementioned film.

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