Francisca to Jomari Goyso: “You were the brother that God knew he needed”

Francisca had a dream wedding.

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Francisca has dedicated a tender message to Jomari Goyso by sharing in his Instagram stories the speech that the fashion and beauty specialist gave at his wedding with Francesco Zampogna.

“You were that brother that God knew I needed that day. Thank you for taking care of me and my family. I love you with all my heart”, the Dominican wrote when sharing the video.

In it speech that Goyso offered from the party after the ecclesiastical ceremony began by speaking in Italian, the language of Francesco Zampognaand then continued in Spanish.

“Francesco, I will start by thanking you for your freedom to love, your family for showing you values ​​that have led you to seek love without fear. I will never forget Francisca’s face in my house while I was cooking her a salad. She looked at her face full of fear and while she told me about you in her eyes I could see a girl who society had limited in her expectations of being happy. That day I asked God that your love and respect for her would be a thousand times greater and stronger than her fears of her. God is great: we are here”, began Jomari Goyso in his speech.

Then he continued with a few words addressed especially to the family and friends of the bride: “To all Francisca’s family and friends, thank you for always applauding her search for her happiness and for being here as participants in a story that one day was a dream and today it is a reality”.

The Spaniard also dedicated some emotional words to his dear friend: “To you, my divine: I congratulate you for surviving adversity, for winning the battle against stereotypes, social classes and above all the barrier that prohibits many children from dreaming. . You are an example of how to educate in times of war and need with humility, honor and faith. The wealth of your knowledge and your wisdom could with everything, a round of applause”.

“One of the gifts Francisca gave me was the honor of being able to speak on behalf of her and her family, which is now mine too! Leaving me freedom to express my thoughts and represent it! Many wrote to me to ask me what I had said, because they had been told about my “speech” and I replied: I said what God wanted to come to my mind in the moments that I sat down to write it,” said Goyso when sharing the video of the speech on his Instagram account.

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